Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 24 - Oslo (Fram Museum)

It is a rainy day today so perfect to see a museum... We have breakfast around 8.30am and then by 10am we walk to the hop on hop off bus stop. We wait about 20min before it arrives.
On the bus people complain to the driver that the tape with the explanation is not working so after a while the driver makes a phone call and lets us know that she has to return to have it repaired.
Much to our surprise she drives straight to the pier where a big cruise ship arrived and it is full of people from the boat getting on all the busses waiting and also ours.
Suddenly the tape works but we get the feeling that she returned to pick up those people!
Around 11.20am we finally get off at the Fram museum with the boats about the pole expeditions, very nice!
Then we get out and walk to a little pier where a tiny boat will bring us to the restaurant on the island.
It starts to rain heavily and we just missed the boat so have to wait half an hour. Then after a boat trip of 2min we arrive and get off. The restaurant is booked for a reunion but we can sit outside in the heated tent and we have fish 'n chips. It is ok but small and the chips are potatoes. By 3pm we take the boat back and walk to the bus stop.
We get of from the bus at the Rathus and do some shopping. Then we walk to the opera and visit the entrance hall, very impressive. Then to the hotel just across the street and start packing.
We have dinner at the hotel which is a nice buffet. By 10pm we are ready.

Frammuseet Frammuseet At the 'Lille Herbern' where you have to take the 2-minute ferry Waiting for the 'ferry' The 'ferry'! Outside the Frammuseet Inside the Operahuset Inside the Operahuset Dinner at our hotel