Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 25 - From Oslo to... Belgium

Today we only have to check out at noon and we have some space left in the luggage so we go shopping after breakfast. For everyone who likes hiking clothes, do not bring them from home, buy them here!!!
We are back at the hotel around 11am, pack the last things and check out.
We drive to the airport but on our way we stop for fuel as we have to bring back the car filled. Everything is fine for Avis and within a few days the roadtoll (registered with autopay-unit) will be of our VISA card, so we go to check in our luggage which can be done automatically so we do not have to wait in line.
This airport is soooooo hectic, locals are very impatient! Check in of the luggage is automatic but over 20kg you have to ask for help although you are allowed 23kg. They then just hang a tag on the luggage which says 'heavy' so they know it.
Then up to the hand luggage check where for the first time ever we had to take out our camera's, Patrick has to undergo a drug control and Nathalie can pass but she then must walk on with all the 6 plastic boxes with your stuff in it but you only have 2 hands! Again very impatient people there!
Then we have time to relax and eat something.
By 4pm boarding starts, everybody is pushing to be first as there is just one door open for scanning the boarding passes... This is crazy!
Finally on board and by 4.45pm we take off. A smooth flight and 1.45hr later we land in Brussels where it is raining very hard.
We pick up our luggage and we get out, find our driver and around 8pm we are home.
We did not intend to unpack immediately but we have to as Nathalie's luggage got wet inside because of the rain.
Let the washing begin…

Sculpture in front of the Rådhuset Sculpture in front of the Rådhuset