Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 22 - Oslo (Boattrip Oslofjord)

Today we have lots of time so we get up around 8am and have breakfast.
Around 9.20am we leave and walk to the Aker Brygge to get on the boat we booked yesterday.
We take the boat of 10.30am. It is a beautiful old sailing boat! We sail along the harbour of Oslo, the opera house and then to the Oslofjord with beautiful views. We have sunny weather.
By 12.30pm we get back and have lunch outside at Lekter'n, great fish 'n chips.
Then we walk down the pier to Tjuvholmen and its modern architectures.
We pass the restaurant Onda, the menu looks good so we book for tonight.
Then we walk to the amazing opera house with the shape of an glacier, we walk up and enjoy the view. Then further to the Akrobaten bridge for some pictures.
After that we go back to the hotel for a refreshing drink, relax, shower and we walk back to Onda where we had a great dinner, halibut! Then to the hotel as we are tired, what a beautiful day!!!

The lighthouse near Kavringen in the Oslofjord A view at Tjuvholmen 'Hun Ligger' (She lies), the iceberg by Monica Bonvicini Bleikøya Lindøya Oslo from the Oslofjord Beautiful boat and weather! Sjøstrand Nesodden Dyna Fyr, located on a reef south of Bygdøy (can be booked for private parties!) A view at Frammuseet A view at Frammuseet Tjuvholmen with 'Spalt' by Franz West Fish 'n chips at Lekter'n On the left: 'White Snow Cake' by Paul McCarthy (the artist!). On the right: 'Untitled' by Anish Kapoor 'Eyes' by Louise Bourgeois 'Edge II' by Antony Gormley 'Moonrise. east. November.' by Ugo Rondinone at the entrance of Sculpture park 'Man on stilts' sculpture at Bryggegangen 'Man on stilts' sculpture at Bryggegangen Rådhuset Oslo Operahuset is build like a glacier Barcode Oslo You will not fall of... 'Hanging by a wire' above Aker Brygge The hand of King Christian