Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 21 - Driving to Oslo

Today is just for driving to Oslo. We have breakfast around 8.30 am and an hour later we leave.
It is about 5 hours drive and on many places during this trip we see warnings for moose but we do not see them.
Around 2.30pm we are in Oslo and check in at the hotel. We then walk to the visitors' center and book our tickets for a boat tour tomorrow around the Oslofjord. There is a boat every hour so we do not have to decide which one, we are free to choose tomorrow.
Then we walk to the waterfront and book a table at Lofoten restaurant for tonight. We walk back to the hotel, have a drink and then get ready for dinner.
As we are a bit early we walk around the waterfront which is beautiful with lots of artworks.
Then at 7.30pm we have dinner, we share one big lobster. It was very nice. Then we walk back and by 10.30pm we are back.

Route Rv3 near Fåset Near Alvdal On the Rv3 between Alvdal and Hanestad Bjøråa picnic parking Eland on the Rv3 Bjøråa picnic parking Eland The river 'Glomma' At the entrance of or last hotel Near the restaurant 'Lofoten' A moment to overview our vacation... 'The hand of King Christian IV' (where Oslo began) on Christiania Torv 'The hand of King Christian IV' A little chat with 'The Diver' It's a little too rough to dive today... Bryggegangen near Aker Brygge 'Man on stilts' sculpture at Bryggegangen The new part of Oslo Near the 'Astrup Fearnley Museet' (modern art) Tjuvholmen 'Astrup Fearnley Museet' 'Moonrise. east. November.' by Ugo Rondinone 'Spalt' (the art on the right) by Franz West At Tjuvholmen allé In the Lofoten restaurant Statue of Tordenskjold on Rådhusplassen From Akershusstranda