Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 20 - Driving to Roros

Today we have time so we get up around 8.30am for breakfast and by 10am we check out and drive to Røros, an old copper mining town which is on the UNESCO world heritage list.
We drive through beautiful valleys and the sun is once again with us. We suddenly see some wildlife... a hare crossing the road :-)
Around 3pm we arrive in Røros, check in and have a walk around the town. It is very tiny but beautiful. As there are no restaurants and our hotel has a very limited menu we walk up to the Røros Hotel and book a table for dinner. They have a buffet tonight as it is Sunday so no à la carte menu.
We walk further and have a cold drink on our hotel's terras. Then a shower in our tiny bathroom and we drive to the other hotel for dinner. It was good but nothing special.
This stop is for us just because the distance to Oslo is too long...
The server tells us that the hotel where we stay is the best of the only two hotels... despite the tiny bathroom…

The Esfossen near Brautbekken on Fv705 Near Stuggusjøen Near Stuggusjøen The Riasten from Rasteplass Looking for some caribous on Rasteplass Looking for some caribous on Rasteplass Looking for some caribous on Rasteplass No caribous here! Rasteplass And also no caribous here! Kuråsfossen Kraftstasjon An old house on Fv561 Kjerkgata in Røros View on Røros Kirke House on Spell-olaveien View on the copper mines Near the Rørosmuseet Rørosmuseet Røros Kirke Røros Kirke Rørosmuseet At the backside of our hotel Nice house Houses in Flanderborg Houses in Lorentz Lossius Gata