Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 19 - Trondheim (Kristiansten Festning)

Today we have time... Breakfast in the hotel starts at 8am in the weekend so we sleep a bit longer.
Around 9.30am we leave and walk up the hill to the fortress Kristiansten Festning, from here we have a nice view over the city.
After a short visit we walk down and see for the first time ever a bicycle lift. This is used to help people on bikes up the hill as they are quite steep here.
Then we walk on to the Nidaros domkirke. This is surrounded by a graveyard.
Then to the Olav Tyggvason statue and by then it is noon so we look for a small lunch. We go at Sebastian Tapas & Vinbar. It was very nice.
Then we walk around the center and do some shopping. By 4pm we need a drink and to sit down so we have a cold drink at NordØst Food & Cocktails. The bar isn't open yet, but beer and wine are available.
We then walk to our hotel to rest a bit, have a shower and at 7pm we are back at Havfruen for a nice dinner; their excellent fish soup with porbeagleshark, cod and trout. Then as main course the halibut... Delicious!
Then a last little walk in this amazing city and we go back to our hotel.

A steep walk up to the fortress Kristiansten Festning That shows how steep Bakkegata is... A look down on Trondheim Kristiansten Festning A new soldier Kristiansten Festning Kristiansten Festning Kristiansten Festning A look at the Nidaros Domkirke A house on Øvre Møllenberg gate The bicycle lift at Brubakken The bicycle lift at Brubakken Nidaros Domkirke Trondheim Kunstmuseum Nidaros Domkirke The other side of the Nidelva Some of the oldest graves near Nidaros Domkirke Gullsmed Henrik Møller (Norwegian Modernist Jewelry) New statue on the corner of Presidentveita On Verftsbrua Tapas by Sebastian The stairs at Kjøpmannsgata Back at the Havfruen restaurant A 'Little Free Library' at Nedre Bakklandet