Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 11 - Driving to Hjelledalen

Breakfast is served at 8am, again with delicious homemade dishes and around 9.15am we leave and drive to Hjelle.
On our way we stop at the Bøyabreen glacier, what a view! And a short photo stop at Lunde.
Further on we drive over the small Kjønesfordbrui (bridge) to take some nice pictures. The views we get today are beautiful with waterfalls everywhere.
Around 3.30pm we check in at the Hjelle hotel and then we drive up the mountains to the Videfossen where we get an amazing view of the fjord, the waterfalls and mountains as far as we can see.
We drive back to the hotel and have a walk around the area, so picturesque!
By 6pm we get ready for dinner, a 3-course menu and as main dish we can choose between chicken and salmon. We go of course for the salmon with some excellent wine. The food is very good!
Then we relax a bit in the lobby where they have interesting information about the area, we add some points to our route and go to sleep. It is 11pm but still light and sunny…

Near Fossane Just in front of the Frudalstunnelen The view when you get out of the Frudalstunnelen Just before Bøyaøyra, Fjærland The elephants at Norsk Bremuseum Bøyabreen, Fjærland Bøyabreen, Fjærland Bøyabreen, Fjærland Patrick in front of the Bøyabreen Near Bøyabreen The view from Sagnesand (just before the tunnel) The view from Sagnesand (just before the tunnel) Near Utvik Near Olden Olden Nye Kirke Near Laukifossen Waterfall Briksdalsbre from Oldevatnet bridge Briksdalsbre when we just passed Oldevatnet Briksdalsbre From Glommes Parking From Buldrefossen Hjelle Hotel Our bedroom in Hjelle Hotel The view from the hotel