Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 12 - Hjelledalen (Geirangerfjord)

Breakfast is served as from 8am so we will leave immediately after that and at 9am we are on the road driving up Rv15 direction 'Otta' and after about 26km we take a left turn to Fv63 direction 'Geiranger'. We cannot show this on Google Maps, because the route on Fv63 cannot be calculated... So we try to show you the whole trip but not in the right way!
The higher we go, the more fog we get but going back down it gets better.
Some heavy turns on this road and around 10am we arrive in Geiranger and put our car in the line for the next ferry to Hellesylt.
This ferry will leave at 11am so we wanted to be sure we got on it otherwise we should wait another 1.30hrs for the next and yes, we are 3rd in the row!
A beautiful boat trip on one of the most famous fjords, the Geirangerfjord, that passes many huge waterfalls, amongst them the famous Seven Sisters and some very old farms in the hills.
Through the speakers you get explanations of what you see in different languages so we are happy we did not take the separate boat tour, this was perfect!
Once we arrive in Hellesylt we drive on the route 60 and when we are in 'Stryn', we take the route to 'Loen' were we pass beautiful scenery and arrive at the amazing and huge Kjenndal Glacier!
Driving to this glacier is hard as the road is very thight for 2-way traffic, because there is only one small lane!
But what a view of the glacier and lakes with their green-blue colour!
Then we drive back, stop for a short walk in Stryn and around 5pm we are back at our hotel to get ready for dinner.
Tonight we got Caesar's salad with tiger prawns and then Patrick goes for the monkfish and Nathalie for the lamb, as dessert warm apple pie with custard and ice cream. It was delicious!

Near Djupvatnet (Rv63) Djupvatnet Stranda (Rv63) Our first view on Geiranger (Fv63) Geiranger The troll (on the right) on the parking in Geiranger Seven Sisters Waterfall (ferry) Oh baby, it's cold outside... The view in front of the ferry And we are enjoying the ride! Some fighting gulls for the best spot on the ride Arriving at Hellesylt Indre Hornindal Near Indre Hornindal Near Brokøya Kjenndalsbreen We at Kjenndalsbreen Melting water from Kjenndalsbreen to Lovatnet Lovatnet Lovatnet A waterfall at Lovatnet Some houses on Fv723 at Lovatnet Some houses on Fv723 at Lovatnet Near Vassenden