Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 10 - Hafslo (Nigardsbreen Glacier)

Today we had breakfast at 08.00am with the same people as yesterday and an extra British couple. The table was fantastic! All kinds of specialities such as pear compote with salted licorage, brie with berries, roastbief with a pesto with lots of herbs, all kinds of meats and fish, it was excellent. And again we laughed a lot!
Then we drive for about an hour to the Nigardsbreen Glacier. Beautiful!
We hike for about 3 hours in total and get to the base of the glacier. Just amazing! It was quite a difficult hike.
Then we drive to the Bergsetbreen and take some pictures. Then we drive on to the Kaupanger stave church. We also wanted to see the Urnes stave church but then we had to take the last ferry up and the last one back and that means we would have a very short time and we do not want to risk to miss the last one back.
Then back to the hotel, shower and have a drink where we meet another Belgian couple. Then dinner, so this time 3 Belgian couples, one German couple and 5 Norwegian women. It was a very nice evening.
By 11pm we go to sleep but it is still very light outside…

B&B BesteBakken Nigardsbreen from the parking Nigardsbrevatnet The walk to Nigardsbreen Nigardsbreen with some people on it... Give us a socond... Nigardsbreen Nigardsbreen Proud to be here... Little red riding hood is also proud to be here, but it is a bit chilly here... Nigardsbreen Nigardsbreen Nigardsbreen You know what this is? Nigardsbreen glacier! ;-) Rockfall near Nigardsbreen Nigardsbrevatnet Nigardsbrevatnet Nigardsbrevatnet Nigardsbreen Bergsetbreen On our way back Stave Church Kyrkjegota in Kaupanger