Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 04 - Lofthus (Buerbreen Glacier)

Today we decide to have an early breakfast in order to avoid all the Asians so we are at the buffet at 7am. Unfortunately so are they... They throw themselves at the buffet, which looks absolutely fabulous, as if they have not eaten for days...
After breakfast we pick up our lunchbox we ordered and at 8am we leave and drive to Kinsarvik to get the ferry. We get just in time and get as the last ones on the ferry which is almost empty. It takes about 20 minutes to get us to Utne and from there we drive towards Odda.
We take a right turn to the Furebergsfossen. Then to Buerdalen og Buerbreen where we have a little hike to get a closer view of the glacier. Then we drive on and stop at a spot with an amazing view to have a picnic.
We drive on to Låtefossen and then to the huge Langfossen which are difficult to photograph as you get wet already by standing on the road so no use to get even closer but they are spectacular.
Then we drive back to Utne and after about 10 minutes our ferry arrives to bring us back to Kinsarvik and we drive back to the hotel.
We arrive around 4pm and decide to enjoy the view with a refreshing drink after another sunny day! We have a nice shower and around 7pm we go for dinner at the hotel's restaurant and enjoy their excellent dinner and especially afterwards the cheesecake. After dinner a last drink in one of the lounge areas enjoying the view and then we go to sleep...

The ferry from Kinsarvik to Utne Beautiful lady on the ferry... Hardangerfjord Hardangerfjord Hardangerfjord Hardangerfjord Near Aga Near Digranesvika Nice Ædna fall The road to Buerbreen Buerbreen The road back from Buerbreen Highland cows Again a beautiful lady... An infostand for hikers Enjoying the view... Near Vidfossen Near Vidfossen Vidfossen Låtefossen Låtefossen Nathalie in front of the Låtefossen On the ferry back to Kinsarvik Nice, not? The Hardangerbrua