Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 05 - Driving to Bergen

Again we have breakfast at 7am and leave around 8am for Bergen. We drive into the Bu tunnel with a beautifully blue illuminated roundabout in the tunnel. Then over the Hardangerbrua straight into the Vallaviktunnel with again a roundabout beautifully illuminated.
After a while we turn right to the Skjervsfossen (waterfall). Then we drive on to the Steinsfalsfossen where we walk behind the waterfall. This is located in a beautiful valley! Then we drive on to the Fossenbratte (waterfall).
Then we drive straight to Bergen as there are roadworks and we will loose quite some time if we do any other stops. Around noon we arrive in Bergen and check into the hotel. We go out for a walk but there is a kind of celebration here today and it looks like all the Norwegians are here this weekend!!! This is crazy, not even possible to walk around... Now it also starts to rain!!! Luckily it does not last long before it stops and the sun returns.
We go to the tourist information and book a boat tour for tomorrow in order to leave this crowd and then back to the hotel to relax, drink something and we ask them to book a table for tonight at the Enhjørningen restaurant which should be a very good fish restaurant.
Indeed it is a good restaurant! We took the scalops as starter and the duo 'halibut' and 'salmon' as main course. Delicious!
Afterwards we walked around the harbour, where there were less people than before, and it was very cosy.

Skjervefossen Granvinsvatnet Granvinsvatnet Granvinsvatnet Steinsdalsfossen Steinsdalsfossen Steinsdalsfossen Bergen Havn Bryggen A steep road A view on Bryggen A view on Bryggen A view on Bryggen A view on Bryggen At the Enhjørningen restaurant A walk at Bryggen...