Padinago's trip to Norway in 2016

Day 03 - Driving to Lofthus

We get up around 8.30am and have a nice breakfast at the hotel's buffet. Around 10am we check out.
When paying the bill, they try to charge us some things from the mini bar which we never took so we remind them of the fact that our room was open the whole day yesterday... Finally they understand that we are not very happy.
We leave Oslo to drive to Lofthus. A beautiful scenery but once we reach the area of Ørteren the view is just amazing, valleys covered with snow and frozen lakes. We drive on route 7, pass the Halnefjorden to Skiftesjøen and pass the Eidfjord. We pass Kinsarvik and reach our hotel Ullensvang in Lofthus.
Just in front of us a whole bus with Asian tourists arrive too. We check in, have a shower and go for dinner at the hotel's restaurant... What a great buffet and what a view from this hotel. It is an amazing hotel, surrounded on one side by huge mountains with waterfalls and the other side by water and mountains, a real paradise! After dinner a last drink in front of the fire place, enjoying the view...
It is still very light outside, it only gets dark here for about 2 hours according to one of the girls working here.

Dagfinn Brøto Ørteren Ørteren Ørteren Halne Fjellstugu Halne Fjellstugu Halne Fjellstugu Near Skiftessjoen A view on Hardangerjøkulen Hardangerbrua Near the Hardangerbrua Near Kinsarvik Our room at hotel Ullensvang The fantastic view from hotel Ullensvang The diner at hotel Ullensvang Enjoying the view...