Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 19 - Driving to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Around 8am we check out of the hotel and drive to the Stone Soup Café in Pictou in order to enjoy their delicious pancakes for a last time…

After this excellent breakfast we drive to the coast of PEI (Prince Edward Island). On our drive we see lots of run-down houses, churches and lighthouses.

At Cape Tormentine we can admire and take pictures of the Confederation Bridge, a toll bridge of about 13kms long which links PEI with the main land.

We drive on the south coast of PEI, around noon we enjoy a picnic. We drive on till the Blockhouse Point Lighthouse, located on the west side of the entrance to Charlottetown Harbour.

When we almost reach Charlottetown it starts to rain again. We cross a bridge and arrive on Poplar Island. We make a short stop on the huge parking lot in front of ‘Anne of Green Gables Chocolates’ and ‘Cows Creamery’. We have to take a look…and enjoy the icecream and chocolates.

Around 5pm we reach our hotel and immediately look for a place for dinner. Very soon we find a place called ‘Lobster on the Wharf’!

We decide to walk to that restaurant as it is only 750m from our hotel. We share a fantastic appetizer: lobster and crab dip duo and then we each take a lobster as a main course… excellent!

After this delicious food we walk back to the hotel and already we decide that the following days we will take the car to return to this place for dinner. It is raining so hard, we are soaked! According to the weather forecast it will not change for the next couple of days…

Daytrip approx. 320 km

The pancakes from the Stone Soup Café Old house @ MacDonalds Cove This was a church @ Cape Spear The old lighthouse @ Cape Tormentine The working lighthouse @ Cape Tormentine @ Cape Tormentine The Confederation Bridge (+/- 13km long) Near Cape Tormentine The Confederation Bridge Antiques!? You think? ;-) Lighthouse @ Victoria, PEI Near DeSable Honey @ Canoe Cove Near Camp Seggie The Blockhouse Point Lighthouse Good ice cream!!! @ Lobster on the Wharf @ Lobster on the Wharf