Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 18 - Pictou, Nova Scotia

Today we have breakfast at the Stone Soup Cafe in Pictou. This picturesque little port is about 15 minutes' drive from our hotel in New Glasgow but it is very pretty and cozy!

The pancakes at the Stone Soup Cafe (a small family business) are the best we ever ate and we are very happy to let them know this! They advise us to drive to the Balmoral Grist Mill (located at the wooded gorge on Matheson's Brook) which is in use since 1874.

Today we plan to see the north coast of this region but first we drive to the Balmoral Mills. It is a bit of searching but finally we find it but as soon as we get out of the car Patrick is immediately attacked by so many mosquitos that we decide to get back in the car and continue our drive.

A bit later on we have to stop as there is a deer crossing the road. Fortunately we noticed her on time. On our way in this beautiful region we see lots of roadkills such as deer and beavers...

We drive to the north and when we just crossed the Waughs River we see a beautiful old fire engine on the lawn in front of an beautiful house. Suddenly the owner's son comes out of the house and signals us to come on his estate so we accept the invitation and we are allowed to take pictures of of the engine and have a nice chat with him. We thank him for everything and continue our drive.

We drive on and pass Brule Point and Cape John to Caribou Island (of course no caribous to see but we do see some herons).

Then we drive back to Pictou and spent the afternoon there. For lunch we go to Sharon's Place where we get a huge portion of fish & chips but very tasty! Pictou is a very cozy little village and has a replica of the original and famous ship Hector (at the Hector Heritage Quay) who has been part of the first significant migration of Scottish settlers to Nova Scotia.

We drive on to Melmerby Beach to make a nice walk on the beach.

Once we are back at the hotel we get ready for dinner. Around 7.30pm we arrive back in Pictou at the Lobster Bar Restaurant (where we booked a table in the afternoon) to eat 'something with claws' ;-) Very good and during dinner we enjoy some typical Scottish songs. After dinner we go for a short walk and enjoy each others company and the beautiful sunset.

Daytrip approx. 251 km

Near Brule Point Near Brule point @ John Bay Catching our dinner @ Cape John Near Caribou Island @ Caribou Island Caribou Island Lighthouse Lunch @ Sharon’s Place in Pictou What have I done to deserve this? ;-) Hector @ the Heritage Quay in Pictou Beautiful lady... Hector Heritage Quay Hector Heritage Quay The first settler? ;-) Pictou-resque Near Melmerby Beach All signs in Nova Scotia are also in Gaelic! Yep, lobster-time! ;-) Nice evening Nice couple...