Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 17 - Driving to New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Today is a day to forget… We have breakfast at 8am and leave for New Glasgow passing through Antigonish.

On our route we see a nice sign with Nutcrackers next to it and on the sign the words: Glad Tidings Christmas Shoppe (open 7 days a week)… A specialized Christmas Shop, we have to take a look…

After a chat with some nice customers in this beautiful shop we leave with lots of little boxes of decoration we bought which have been carefully packed for the trip. Chirstmas tree, here we come! ;-)

Around noon, just when we arrive in Antigonish, it starts to rain and it doesn’t stop for the rest of the day…

We have a short walk on Main St. and have lunch at the Brownstone Café. It is nicely old-fashioned and cozy. Especially their fish and chips is delicious!

Around 3.30pm we arrive in New Glasgow and wonder what we are going to do… Just across our hotel we see the Highland Square Mall and there it will be dry…

After walking around in the mall (and have a drink) we check in at the hotel, have a hot shower and drive to Crofters Steak & Seafood for dinner (it is within walking distance but it’s pouring!)

At the entrance there is a large sign and it says ‘This evening’s special: a New York Striploin & a whole lobster for just $21,95!’ Unfortunately this is too much for us and to leave half of it would be a pitty… So we take only the New York Striploin.

After dinner we drive back to our hotel and go to sleep so we can forget this very wet day. Let’s hope the weather gods are better disposed tomorrow….

Daytrip approx. 350 km

Near Bras d'Or Lake The Glad Tidings Christmas Shop in St. Peter's! Near Antigonish Near Antigonish @ Brownstone Café @ Crofters