Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 16 - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

We have breakfast around 7.30 am and when we leave it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day. Let’s hope…

Today we will do the ‘Cabot Trail’ on Cape Breton Island and we start at the ‘Englishtown Ferry’ which has to bridge a waterway of 150m. Before you know, you already left the ferry…

We are immediately on the Cabot Trail as we see the ‘Clucking Hen Cafe & Bakery’. We stop for a coffee and buy something for lunch. On the parking lot there is a sign with moose antlers where you can take some funny pictures. There you also can see a ‘weather stone’. A stone that indicates the weather. What an idea ;-)

At Breton Cove we just get to see a minky whale and take some quick pictures of it.

Just before Cape Smokey Provincial Park there is a nice viewpoint where you have an amazing view. A bit further you have the Cape Breton Highlands Park (Ingonish) which is beautiful!

At Neils Harbour we drive to the lighthouse and have a little walk. The weather is fantastic!

We leave the Cabot Trail for a short while and drive on White Point Rd to the north shore of Cape Breton. Again… beautiful! We drive down the west coast and reach, through Big Farm, the Trans Canada Hwy and drive back to our hotel.

Around 6.15pm we are back, have a shower and go back to Flavor on the Water where the lobsters are waiting for us… ;-)

Daytrip approx. 426 km

Englishtown Ferry Near Indian Brook @ the parking of The Clucking Hen Cafy & Bakery @ the parking of The Clucking Hen Cafy & Bakery @ MacDonalds Pond @ the viewpoint @ Ingonish @ Ingonish Near Keltic Lodge Lighthouse @ Neils Harbour @ Neils Harbour @ White Point @ White Point @ White Point @ Black Head Cove This is it! ;-) Near Pleasant Bay Near Pleasant Bay West coast A local photographer near Petit Etang Near Petit Etang @ Chéticamp Island @ Flavor on the Water... ;-)