Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 15 - Ferry to Sydney, Nova Scotia

It was another difficult night and our nightly guests were not very quiet…

Around 7.30am we leave the B&B and have a last breakfast at the St. Christopher hotel.

Around 9am we drive to the ferry where we had to be at least 2 hours in advance. Luckily it is, as a matter of speaking, just around the corner.

It is 11 am when we get on board and start the boat trip. Nathalie is gone for a whole time, she has a nice long talk with Michelle from the bar. She comes from Cape Breton and never saw icebergs! Nathalie gives her our website and that of the icebergfinder in case she ever wants to see some icebergs…

Later on we get to know another couple and they give us their twitter-address so we can follow them.

Around 6pm we arrive in Sydney and first we go to Flavor on the Water to book a table for tonight.

We check in at the same hotel as before, have a shower and around 7.30pm we walk to the restaurant where we have, again, lobster for dinner!

Unfortunately we only have a night picture of the overview of the harbour of Sydney and of our dinner… ;-)

Daytrip approx. 31 km

The harbour of Sydney Guess what's on our platter... ;-)