Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 14 - Driving to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland

Through the website we see that we should have a chance of seeing icebergs if we slightly change our route and drive to Silverdale. So be it!

At 7.30 am we have our last breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant and say goodbye to the staff.

We drive to Port aux Basques and take the exit to Silverdale. Just before Bishops Falls Nathalie sees a moose grazing in the banks and at Lower Gull Pond she sees a Bald Eagle in a tree. Unfortunately we can not stop to take pictures…

Through Silverdale we drive to Langdon’s Cove and are rewarded with lots of icebergs! We even get to taste a piece of it that washed ashore… it tastes so pure. The Newfoundlanders take every year pieces of icebergs and put it in their freezers so they can enjoy it the rest of the year.

After an hour we drive along the coast and see people walking down a hill. We talk to them and apparently behind that hill it is a paradise of icebergs… So we walk up the hill to Jackson’s Cove and there we hit a white wall! The bay is full of huge icebergs! Wonderful!

After enjoying our last icebergs we drive on and stop at the Junction Inn Restaurant for lunch.

Around 6pm we are back to our B&B and at 7.30pm we are at St Christopher hotel for dinner and both have the fisherman’s platter. Delicious!

A bit later we walk back to our B&B and have a chat with the other guests. Afterwards we go to sleep in our very small bed…

Daytrip approx. 648 km

Icebergs @ Langdon's Cove Icebergs @ Langdon's Cove Icebergs @ Langdon's Cove A happy man... Ow, that's cold! But it tastes so good! I want a piece of that! Icebergs @ Langdon's Cove Icebergs @ Langdon's Cove Icebergs @ Langdon's Cove Icebergs @ Langdon's Cove Is that a dolphin? ;-) A waw moment... More icebergs @ Jackson's Cove Beautiful Amazing Awesome She loves it! The stern too... Beautiful church of Jackson's Cove