Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 13 - Driving to Gander, Newfoundland

We have breakfast around 7.30am and leave. First we drive to Boavista (de postponed trip which we had to cancel a few days earlier because of the bad weather) and then back to Gander.

There is a lot of wind and at the coast the waves hit the rocks strongly. At Hodderville we see a nice bald eagle flying above the Wild Bay. The little port of Boavista is pretty and very picturesque.

We drive on to the beautiful Boavista Lighthouse and have a little walk around it. A very pretty area with nice rocks where the waves are searching a way through them.

We drive back and a few 100m further we see a little parking with a statue. It is the statue of John Cabot who is very famous around here. He was a Venetian explorer who set foot set foot on Newfoundland in 1497 and claimed the land for England.

We continue our drive and stop at the Ocean View Restaurant for a lunch. Of course we have fish & chips again. Through the window we see some nice colored cabins just in front of the coastline but unfortunately there is a car parked in front of them. The very friendly lady (Joan) who owns this restaurant and the cabins, assured us that by the time we finish our lunch the car will leave and we will be able to take pictures. She was right!

A bit later and after a long goodbye with the restaurant’s owner we drive to Lance Cove road towards Dungeon Provincial Park and see some horses walking around. We take some nice pictures of the but we can not really move around a lot as there is another photographer who clearly shows us that we are not welcome and who regularly comes in front of our camera. We leave and drive on a bit further. There we see some sheep and now fortunately we are alone…

Through Lance Cove we drive towards Elliston and more particularly Elliston Point where we might have a chance to see puffins! Unfortunately we only see guls and some sterns annoying the sterns. No puffins today but still a beautiful place!

We drive on and arrive at Port Rexton where we can see another iceberg. Suddenly we see another iceberg and drive a little bit further so we would be able to see him better. It is a beautifully U-shaped iceberg! We stop, get out of the car and want to take our camera’s when suddenly we hear a strange noise and look up… the U-shaped icebergs starts to collaps in front of our eyes (not camera’s) and it really is an incredibly beautiful sight! We are so happy we were able to see it (that’s timing!) but only what remains afterwards of the iceberg is on our pictures… Still we are so happy to have experienced this!

We drive on to Gander and check in at the same hotel as before We go back to Mystic restaurant for dinner and yes… our friend Joan is here! We tell her all our stories and had some great laughs this evening with her… we will miss this amazing person!

A bit later we are back in our beds as tomorrow it is yet another long drive to Port aux Basques….

Daytrip approx. 581 km

We didn't do that! @ Rolling Cove A Bald Eagle flying over Wild Bay near Hodderville A normal day @ Northeast coast of Newfoundland Bonavista Harbour Bonavista Harbour Hmmm... It needs a little paint job... A view @ Cape Bonavista Lighthouse The beautiful Cape Bonavista Lighthouse John Cabot Near the Ocean View Restaurant Near Lance Cove Near Lance Cove Training day... A stern harasses a gul @ Elliston Point Looking for some puffins @ Elliston Point... An iceberg @ Ships Cove This was a beautiful U-shaped iceberg... ... but it collapsed @ Ships Cove