Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 12 - St. John's, Newfoundland

Around 8am we have breakfast as today we will only walk around to admire the beautiful colored houses. Again, the hotel’s staff is very friendly and we have to say that the Newfoundlanders are the friendliest people we ever saw during all our trips.

After breakfast we walk around the city and see the famous streets like Gower St, King Rd, Queens Rd, Prescott St and Duckworth St. It is beautiful but very cold. Actually, it is so cold that we decide to walk back to the hotel to get the car. First we drive to JellybeanRow Shop & Gallery as Nathalie wants to buy a t-shirt with the colored houses on it but... there are no t-shirts, unfortunately!

We drive to Signal Hill to have a view over St John’s. Fortunately there is no fog so we can enjoy the beautiful view. We walk around a little bit but very soon we leave because of the cold.

We decide to go back to Avalon Mall to do some shopping but first we warm up with a nice cup of hot coffee at Starbucks…

Around 4.30pm we drive back to the hotel and have a long hot shower.

We cancel our reservation at Oliver’s because we do not want to face the cold again. We have our dinner at the hotel’s restaurant where we decide to have a nice lobster.

After dinner we say goodbye to the concierge and the staff at the front desk because tomorrow we will leave.

Daytrip approx. 14 km

Gower St Nice mailbox @ Gower St Another nice mailbox @ Gower St Gower St Another nice mailbox @ Queens Rd Kings Rd Labrador and Newfoundlander @ Harbourside Park Newfoundlander (on the left!) Still... on the left... ;-) Kings Rd JellybeanRow Shop & Gallery @ Duckworth St Kings Rd Duckworth St Taken from Signal Hill St. John's Harbour A view over the colored houses area Cabot Tower @ Signal Hill A view on Cahill Point Fort Amherst @ Cahill Point