Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 16 - Grand Teton NP

(Due to a problem with Google Maps, we only can give the interesting points. We probably have to search for an alternative for Google Maps...)

When we wake up this morning, it is beautiful weather so we decide to drive straight to Schwabachers Landing and have breakfast afterwards.

We drive through the park and a bit later we arrive at the most beautiful place of the park. The water is a mirror and the Tetons reflect nicely in Beaver Lake. We see a beaver swimming just before it dives under water. There is only one other photographer and we place our tripod next to him and we have a little chat. He's already here from about 05:00 AM...

As we drive back, to have our breakfast, through Moose-Wilson Rd, we suddenly see a bull moose laying in the grass. First we see him from behind, but that wasn't a flattering picture... So we go back and pass him via the road and then we see him from the front. He is very relaxed, and now we can take better pictures. A bit further a female moose stands in a pond and it's a nice view.

We drive on when we suddenly see an emaciated fox on the road with his breakfast, which he just caught, hanging out of his mouth. Unfortunately we are not able to take good pictures of this fox as it is quite busy here and he walks right next to another car and disappears behind us in the bushes. Still, nice to see...

So we drive on and have again an excellent breakfast at the Spur and get freshly squeezed orange juice!

As we did not sleep very well last night because of the live music at the saloon just across our room, we go to the hotel's front desk to inform if there will be again loud music tonight and as they let us know that probably it will, they immediately offer to give us a room on the other side of the building. We accept and pack our stuff immediately and leave our luggage in storage until tonight when the room will be ready.

We then drive back to do the entire loop and take lots of pictures. As we arrive at String Lake (a recreation area) we see, for the first time, a special food storage box you can share with the other recreants to keep the food away from bears.

Once we arrive at the spot where a few hours earlier we saw the moose, we see a ranger and the moose is now standing nicely in the open water. We take some more pictures.

We continue our drive and take lots of pictures of this amazing mountain range and talk to lots of nice people. We also stop at the Cunningham Cabin and take some beautiful pictures from this old cabin with the Tetons in the back. The cabin was built around 1888. In the afternoon we drive to Jackson Hole and walk around in this nice little town.

Back at the hotel, we have a wonderful shower and walk back to the Spur for that delicious Kobe steak and a bottle of Zinfandel.

Daytrip approx. 187 km

A view from Schwabachers Landing A view from Schwabachers Landing A view from Schwabachers Landing A view from Schwabachers Landing A view from Schwabachers Landing A view from Schwabachers Landing Mr Bull Moose is having a break... Mrs Moose is doing the laundry... An emaciated fox catching his breakfast Grand Teton Range Grand Teton Range Nathalie can't get enough of the Grand Tetons! Some Pronghorns in the sagebrush Selfie-time! ;-) Recreation area at String Lake Share the food storage unit, but not with bears at String Lake... String Lake What a nice view from the recreation site... The Grand Tetons The Grand Tetons The Grand Tetons A relentless animal! Through the window of the Cunningham Cabin (built around 1888) The Cunningham Cabin Jackson Mercantile-store in Jackson Hole (the bear costs 25.000 USD!) Howdy folks!