Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 15 - Driving to Teton Village, Wyoming

When the alarm goes off we start packing, we have our last breakfast here and check out.

We get something for lunch at the backery and the grocery store on Madison avenue, some fuel at the Chevron on Canyon street and off we go! Nathalie is excited as we now will drive to her favourite park... Grand Tetons National Park!

We are not driving the 'normal' way from Yellowstone to Grand Teton, but via the backside of the Tetons and over the Teton Pass...

We drive to the north and take a turn on Hebgen Lake road. We stop a lot in order to enjoy this amazing scenery we haven't seen before on our earlier trips.

We stop amongst others at Earthquake Lake, a lake formed in 1959 after a part of the mountain collapsed (the Madison Slide) and blocked a part of the canyon. We stop at the visitor center they built on the top of the slide area. It gives you an amazing view over the lake.

We drive on through the Targhee National Forest and stop at the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls. Here we will not be caught by the mosquito's as we are wearing our nets over the hats. It's not a nice view but we rather wear this then being bitten by these awfull insects. A bit further on, a family is full of admiration for our nets, they even want to know where we bought them as they are all bitten by the mosquito's, it's full of them here! We tell them our story of Canada and the bite Patrick had one week ago. Their son immediately tells them he does not want to go to Canada. ;-)

We continue our drive through this amazing landscape (a scenic byway) and see the Tetons from the back side. We arrive at Teton Pass and drive behind a truck. It is a steep climb but the descend is bad (10%). Because of the slow truck in front of us (he has better gear for this), our engine is in low gear and crying at 4000 rpm, so we pull over and give him some distance. Now the descend is much easier.

We check in at the hotel and there is a nice surprise for us. A nice handwritten note to welcome us again at this hotel and a bottle of wine!

We go for a drive through the park to have already a look at Schwabachers Landing. Beautiful but at this time of the day the sun is on the wrong side. It will not be possible this year to take sunrise pictures here but we will return tomorrow morning as our first stop of the day!

We return to the hotel and have a fantastic shower at this bio-hotel!

Then of to the restaurant Spur, just next door. We have been here before and remembered that the food is excellent. Indeed, we have an amazing dinner, Bizon carpaccio and Kobe steak, chocolate pudding and a great bottle of Zinfandel!

After dinner we go to bed.

Daytrip approx. 326 km

A view from Hebgen Lake Rd Nice house at the Narrows between Grayling Arm and Hebgen Lake A view over Hebgen Lake Beaver Creek between Hebgen Lake and Earthquake Lake Earthquake Lake with in the back, the Madison Slide On top of the Madison Slide Earthquake Lake seen from the Madison Slide Henrys Lake just over the border in Idaho Henrys Lake Upper Mesa Falls (Mesa Falls Scenic Byway) Lower Mesa Falls (Mesa Falls Scenic Byway) The Grand Tetons seen from the backside (near Ashton) Our picnic-spot A view over Dry Creek A barn near Tetonia A farm near Tetonia UrbEx near Tetonia Osprey's nest on Moose-Wilson Rd That's nice from the people of Hotel Terra...The Teton Range from Schwabachers Landing Guess who did this... A beautiful spot! Yuup, he's responsible for the tree... Isn't it magnificent... And, no sound but the wind and the birds!