Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 17 - Grand Teton NP

(Due to a problem with Google Maps, we only can give the interesting points. We probably have to search for an alternative for Google Maps...)

Today we first hit the road as we want to take some pictures of the world famous Moulton Barns with the Tetons behind it. It is quite clowdy but we only need a little bit of blue sky so the sun can shine on the barns.

On our way to the barns we drive on the Moose-Wilson road and suddenly we see a bull moose walking in the bushes and he even walks quite often through open spaces. We follow him a while from a safe distance until he lays down behind a tree. In the meantime there is still no sunny period and it does not look like it will break open soon so it has no use continuing our drive and we turn back and have a delicious breakfast at the Spur (especially the eggs benedict are FANTASTIC!).

After breakfast we drive to Jackson Hole and spend a few hours here. A nice little town. Unfortunately we get some dark clouds and decide to have a piece of cheesecake in The Bunnery. Luckily it is the real stuff from the Cheesecake Factory!

Meanwhile the rain passed and we walk back to our car but as the clouds are really threatening, and therefore you get an amazing view of the Tetons, we drive back to the Moulton Barns. First we drive to the T.A. Moulton Barn (on the right side) as we remember from our trip in 2011 that the John Moulton Barn (on the left side) is located on private property and we do not want to be tresspassing.

When we reach the barn it is pouring and we drive a bit further but turn back as the road is very muddy. We stop at the barn and there we meet a professional photographer where we have a nice chat with. He gives us his business card and tells us that the John Moulton Barn is now also in possession of the National Park Services so you can walk around there. Just a small part is closed to public because there is a coyote nest!

We never get to see the coyote but we are able to take some nice pictures of the John Moulton Barn.

We drive back through the Moose-Wilson road when Nathalie suddenly sees a moose. It's the female we saw the other days but now it is walking over open meadow. Beautiful!

We get back to the hotel for a last great rain shower and a bit later we are back at Spur for a last Kobe-steak and of course, a bottle of Zinfandel... good night!

Daytrip approx. 91 km

Bull mouse near Mouse Wilson Rd Beautiful, isn't it? The Stage Coach has left Jackson Hole The entrance of "George Washington Memorial Park" (aka "Jackson Town Square") Like my new hat? ;-) Hey Abe, let's talk about "habeas corpus"... Oh, Mr President, you're so funny... New kind of horses in front of the saloon... The stage coach has arrived! I like to order 8 of them for in our diningroom..American Legion post 43 There are some rainclouds hanging above the Tetons A nice view of the Teton Range T.A. Moulton barn Raindrops keep falling on my head... What a nice view! John Moulton Barn The Pumphouse and Shower House of the Homestaed The guardians of the Homestead The backside of John Moulton Barn ... I can eat a house... Where's my husband? An Osprey's nest One last view...