Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 1 - Arrival in Denver, CO

The last day of our trip. We check-out at the hotel and go back to our car. We are ready to drive to “McCarran Int. Airport” and return our rental car at Alamo’s but as said on our first day we have to fill our tank.

Patrick puts his GPS (which, by the way, is Nathalie’s iPhone with Tom-tom-software for North America and Canada which was very useful the entire trip) and tries to drive to a tank station close to the airport. It is not very easy as there are road works all over the place so we decide to go to Alamo without a full tank where we have to leave our car.

The car is checked thoroughly but the Alamo employee tells us that we still have to pay 37 dollars as we only have 3 quarters of the tank filled. We discuss this with him as our documents show that we do not need to fill it up so we have to go to the Alamo desk to discuss this. After a while we are being told that we do not have to pay these 37 dollars?! In other words, we gave them 3 quarters for free...

We check-in for the plane without any problems and after a very long flight we are back home in Belgium where a taxi is waiting to bring us back home...

For those interested in seeing our entire route, you can download the KMZ-file for each day. This can be opened in Google Earth where you can see the entire daily route with all the stops. If you double click on the GPS-file (GPS device) in Google Earth you can even see how fast we drove by clicking on the arrows.

Daytrip approx. 5 km