Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 4 - Grand Canyon NP

The day does not start very well as Luso have a sanitary problem in their room so we need to call someone quickly…

At the hotel we have a continental breakfast which seems to be very nice. We decide to have dinner at the same place.

Around 8.30am we drive towards “Grand Canyon National Park South Rim” where we first take some pictures of the park sign. We park our car at the parking of Yavapai Point where we took most of the pictures of the park… we go back to the car and drive to the parking of the “shuttle bus station” where we leave our car and continue with the free shuttle bus. This shuttle service stops at all the nice places where you can get on or off to the next point and then eventually have a 15 minutes walk to the next bus stop. There are several routes but we take the red route up to “Hermits rest” on the South Rim.

The first stop is “Bright Angel Trail View Overlook”. There we are saluted by a couple of Californian Condors. Just beautiful, the birds as well as the canyon! We take the shuttle to the next point, Manicopa Point. The next two stops Powell Point and Hopi Point will be walked by PaNa. The drive goes on through Mohave Point, the Abyss, Pima Point and then we arrive at the final stop, Hermits Rest, where we meet again with Luso. There we had foreseen a restaurant as described but it seemed to be a sandwich shop with just a little window where everybody had to wait in line… we start talking with some people in order to enjoy the wait. The view of the Grand Canyon is phenomenal! We take the shuttle back and around 2.30pm we are back at the bus station.

We pick up our car and drive to Desert View where we arrive around 3.45pm. Again, a beautiful place and a different view of the canyon. As we walk around the “Desert View Watchtower” we start worrying about the clouds… an hour later we drive back and stop at several places as “Navajo Point”, “Lipan Point”, “Moran Point”, “Grandview Point”. In the direction of “Yaki Point” there are also some small stops. All this in order to admire the beautiful canyon as the sun slowly goes down and the three of us enjoy taking pictures and Sofie just enjoys the views. Luckily we did not get any rain.

As we leave the park we meet some Mule Deer. Around 6.30pm we are back at the hotel where LuSo’s room is fixed. Dinner is taken at the hotel restaurant which seems to be a good idea as it was very good.

Daytrip approx. 141 km

Grand Canyon National Park Sign @ Yavapai Point From the shuttle bus station @ Trailview Overlook @ Trailview Overlook, Californian Condor @ Powell Point @ Mohave Point A bug @ Pima Point @ Navajo Point with the Watchtower @ Moran Point