Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 5 - From Grand Canyon to Page, AZ

We take our breakfast at the hotel and check out. Around 8am we drive for the last time during this trip into the “Grand Canyon National Park” where again we cannot resist taking pictures. We continue to the “Desert View” where we make a short hike, then taking some fuel at the huge gas station and continue towards Page.

Around 10.15am we arrive at a stop. It is the “Little Colorado River Gorge Tribal Park” where we make a short hike to the gorge. Everywhere you see signs warning for snakes and lizards.

We drive on and take the exit to “Marble Canyon” to admire the “Navajo Bridge”. We park our car and walk across the bridge. About 5 “Californian Condors” are flying above us and one is sitting under the bridge. Around 12.40pm Patrick gets the car and picks us up at the other side of the bridge. We drive on to “Glenn Canyon Lees Ferry” where we see a self-pay booth. There we pay the 15 $ for a seven days pass which we will only use a very short while… When we walk towards the Colorado River we see a woman in the river, fly-fishing. That is an art! It is very hot at the river and we are getting some troubles with the mosquitoes! Let’s get out of here!

Around 2.50pm we arrive at “The Horseshoe Bend”. We park the car and look at the sign mentioning a hike of 1200m. We see the trail which seems a heavy one going upwards. LuSo will pass this one and will wait in the car by the air-conditioning… They were right! The 1200m to the “Horseshoe Bend Overlook” takes about 20 minutes. The first part is very hard and you walk in loose and hot sand but once we arrive at the overlook… it is amazing! Patrick had already replaced his big lens on his camera by the wide angle of 12-24mm thanks to which he could get the whole bend on one picture. Turning a little with the polarization filter and it became a beautiful picture! Walking back goes a bit slower as we are less motivated then before, when we had not seen it yet. Once arriving at the car it felt like we had walked for tens of kilometers in full sun but it was more than worth it.

It is too early to go to the hotel so we drive to the “Wahweap Marina” at “Lake Powell”. There we spent some time driving around as it is really beautiful. Around 4.50pm we look for a “Safeway” in order to buy some drinks and provide lunch for the next days. At 5.15pm we check in at our hotel and take a shower. For dinner we drive back to the “Wahweap Marina” because it was so beautiful there…

Daytrip approx. 327 km

Grand Canyon NP, near Yaki Point Grand Canyon NP, Desert View Between Grand Canyon and Cameron; Little Colorado River Gorge Navajo Tribal Park Marble Canyon, Navajo Bridge, Colorado River Marble Canyon Navajo Bridge Californian Condor ready to take off from Navajo Bridge Californian Condor Californian Condor Californian Condor Colorado River Nathalie @ Lees Ferry Horseshoe Bend Overlook. You do need a wide angle lens! The walk to Horseshoe Bend Overlook. Yes, it's hot! Wahweap Marina