Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 21 - A trip to Las Vegas Premium Outlets

Today we keep it calm and split up again. We meet back at 6pm to have dinner at... the “Cheesecake Factory”.

LuSo will walk around on the strip and PaNa goes shopping!

There are two malls in Vegas and Nathalie asks a girl, who works in our hotel, which one would be best. She advices the “Premium Outlets” and calls for a taxi for us and a bit later we drive in a Dodge Challenger to the outlets. We start talking with our driver who is surprised when he hears about our walk yesterday. He has never met anyone who walks up and back the strip in one day. When we tell him that we prefer not to drive in Las Vegas he tells us that it is not a problem as a tourist to drive here as tourists are allowed to do everything! The locals have to watch out and leave the tourist to drive how they like, whenever a tourist gets into trouble it will always be the local who is wrong. This is how Las Vegas works!

Ten minutes later we arrive at the “Premium Outlets” and say goodbye to our nice driver. We walk and do some shopping and about 3 and a half hours later we take a taxi back to the hotel.

Around 1pm we are back in Vegas and go for a walk as you cannot get enough of it. The only problem are the Mexicans trying to give you cards, without touching you, for prostitutes for men or women... On the floor it is full of these cards.

We walk in the “Flamingo” and for one or another reason we find ourselves in the coulombs of the hotel. We are very thirsty and after searching for a while we find a vending machine. A couple of days before, in another casino, we paid 7 dollars for two cold drinks and now we pay only one dollar per can... Strange... of course we are somewhere we are not supposed to be but still everybody is greeting us friendly and nobody has any problem with us being there. Funny... we look for the exit and leave the casino.

The casino's are crowded. On several spots you can see custom design bikes from the “OCC” which is famous for its show on “Discovery Channel”.

Around 5pm we go back to our room and prepare to meet LuSo for dinner at the “Cheesecake Factory”. After dinner we go to sleep.

Daytrip approx. 34 km