Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 20 - A walk in Las Vegas

Around 8.30am we look for a place to have breakfast and at Denny’s you have to wait in line. We split up as PaNa want to walk the whole strip and LuSo want to keep it more relaxing. LuSo will be spending most of their time at “Caesar’s Palace”.

PaNa walks towards the “Stratosphere Tower” but on their way they enter each hotel/casino just to pick up the atmosphere. We even find something for breakfast but it was miserable. Once we arrive at the Stratosphere Tower we start talking with a salesman who tells us his whole life. We listen to his impressive stories. Around 11.15am we say goodbye to him and continue to the other end of the strip, to the “Welcome Sign” where we arrive around 4.37pm and wait in line to take a picture of it.

We head back to our hotel and on our way we stop at a local “McDonalds” and have a large Sprite which we refill for the rest of the walk. We enter the “Coca Cola shop” and the “M&M’s shop” where you can find several floors with gadgets and nicknackeries and you can find all kinds of colors and tastes of the M&M’s which you can buy per weight.

When we get back to the hotel it is already 6.20pm and we have walked, without the walks into the hotels/casino, for more than 20km today! We have a nice shower in our beautiful room on the 38th floor (the JFK-room, as each room has its own theme) and a bit later we join LuSo who are very excited as somewhere in Caesar’s Palace they have found our favourite dining place... “The Cheesecake Factory”!

We have to wait a bit as it is full but in the meantime we follow the show just next to it and after dinner we have, of course, some cheesecake!

Afterwards we tell LuSo about the great Volcano show at the Mirage, which was very impressive. As from 8pm, every hour, there is a Volcano show, we all decide to watch it. Again it is an amazing show and then we go to the fountains of the Bellagio which are beautiful and fully synchronized with the music.

After these shows we all go back to our hotel for a good night...

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