Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 6 - Upper Antelope Canyon

For 10$ we could get breakfast at the hotel. It was a large warm and cold buffet and you could have your eggs done the way you wished.

Around 9am we are going to have a look where we have to be later on, as today we will visit the “Upper Antelope Canyon”, a “slot canyon”! We had booked this long in advance as the “Photographers Tour” is limited to 12 persons and we are already four. This special tour of 2hours costs 50$ per person and the ordinary tour is 32 $ but it is worth it as we will see later…

Once we found the office of the “Antelope Canyon Tours” we take a short walk in the neighborhood. This walk was quickly finished as there was not a lot to see there. We take the car and drive through the city. We are now on “South Lake Powell Boulevard” where on our left side we see lots of churches for different religions. Suddenly nature calls and we hurry back to the hotel…

A bit before 10am we leave again, now in the direction of “Glen Canyon Dam”. This dam is an electricity plant which takes its water power from the reservoir called: “Lake Powell”.

After a small hour at the dam we go back to the office of the “Antelope Canyon Tours”. There are lots of people but most of them had booked the ordinary tour. For us everything is in order regarding the reservations and we leave around 11.15am in a separate car, with Angie our driver and 5 other persons. Some 15 minutes later the special jeep leaves the road to drive through the sand towards the canyon. It is a very bumpy road but beautiful. Around 11.40am we arrive at the entrance of the canyon and get to know Angie a bit better, she also appears to be our guide. We are in total 4 persons with a tripod and we are already two of them. Angie takes her job as a guide for the “Photographers tour” very seriously and we all get the time to take great pictures. People from the other tours sometimes have to wait before being allowed to continue in the canyon as the guide is always waiting to give us time to take nice pictures in this part of the canyon. Especially Patrick takes more time as he shoots everything in HDR (High Dynamic Range) and takes long exposures. For this you need at least 3 pictures of the same place which all have different exposures. Angie is great! She asks the names of the people working with a tripod so she can call them from behind a corner if they are ready. When she asked Lucien his name, he said she could call him “darling” which she does the entire tour… Once we are through the canyon which is about 90m, Angie tells us the story of the canyon. The canyon is a dangerous place. Walls are formed by millions of gallons of water and sand which go through the canyon when there is a flash flood. She saw the bottom of the canyon at times being 5m higher or lower. On 12 August 1997 11 of the 12 tourists were drowned in the canyon. The canyon was closed for 9 months and once it opened again to the public, you could not enter it without a Navajo guide. Read more about this on "Antelope Canyon Tragedy".

Two hours later we leave in the direction of Page and say goodbye to Angie and the other photographers. We decide to have lunch at the “Dam Grill & Bar” where we have a great salad which is really tasty with this hot weather. Afterwards we go to the hotel to change clothes as they are full of dust. We drive around and reach the “Lake Powell Viewpoint” where a nice American man offers Patrick to borrow his wide angle lens. Patrick thanks him but has his own wide angle lens. We cross the border to Utah and reach the “Lone Rock Viewpoint”. Somewhat later we drive through “Big Water” and enter the “Glen Canyon Recreation Area” where there is nobody. We drive through Wahweap Creek and this area is beautiful but entirely abandoned. We decide not to stay here too long and return to the Safeway for some groceries and to find a little brush to clean the outside of our camera’s…

Around 6pm we are back at the hotel and have our dinner after a very successful day.

Daytrip approx. 125 km

One of the trucks of Antelope Canyon Tours The office of Antelope Canyon Tours Glenn Canyon Dam @ Glenn Canyon Dam Upper Antelope Canyon The end of Upper Antelope Canyon The crew The entrance of Upper Antelope Canyon @ Lake Powell Viewpoint @ Lone Rock Viewpoint Glen Canyon Recreation Area