Padinago's trip to the USA in 2010

Day 7 - Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Today we have to leave early as we have an appointment at Wahweap to get the boat to the "Rainbow Bridge National Monument". We leave at 6.45am and a bit later we are at the meeting point being "Lake Powell Resort". There we pay the amount of 121 $ per person.

We go down the ramp towards the marina and get on board. Around 7.30am the boat leaves across Lake Powell in the direction of "Rainbow Bridge National Monument". The entire trip on the lake is incredibly beautiful! Everywhere you see canyons, mountains and especially nice colors. It is 9.40am when the boat arrives at the marina of Rainbow Bridge NM. As the water in Lake Powell is very low we have to make a walk of about half an hour to reach the bridge. The road is very walkable but it is extremely hot. This year (2010) the bridge celebrates its 100th anniversary as a National Monument and therefore ranger Bob is on location to tell us the history of the bridge. Until the 50s you were allowed to walk under and over the bridge but since then it is prohibited. We walk slowly back to the boat and around 11am we leave again towards Wahweap where we arrive around 1pm.

We have lunch at the resort and decide to drive around Page. We drive to "Lower Antelope Canyon" where you cannot see anything as it is closed for private vehicles and arrive at "Antelope Point". Also here it is a paradise for people enjoying water sports but otherwise you cannot do anything there so we turn around and drive to the "Glen Canyon Dam Viewpoint". There it is a short but steep walk down but we have a nice view over the dam. For LuSo it is too steep and they decide to wait by the car. A wise decision as again we are walking in full sunshine! You see graffiti everywhere, not from the Indians but probably from the local youth and tourists.

We end this day with another visit to Safeway to do some groceries and around 4.45pm we are back at the hotel where we have a shower and dinner. Again a part of our trip is finished as tomorrow we drive towards "Monument Valley"…

Daytrip approx. 195 km

On the boat, on Lake Powell, to Rainbow Bridge Lake Powell On the boat, on Lake Powell, to Rainbow Bridge On the boat, on Lake Powell, to Rainbow Bridge On the boat, on Lake Powell, to Rainbow Bridge @ Lake Powell @ Lake Powell The boardwalk to Rainbow Bridge First sight of Rainbow Bridge Rainbow Bridge National Monument We @ Rainbow Bridge National Monument Nathalie and the ranger @ Rainbow Bridge National Monument Sofie and Nathalie @ Rainbow Bridge National Monument Lucien @ Rainbow Bridge National Monument The ranger @ Rainbow Bridge National Monument's 100th anniversary Yes, it's a long and hot walk to the boat Antelope Point Glen Canyon Dam Viewpoint