Padinago's trip to Canada in 2009

Day 10 - From Prince George to Smithers, British Columbia

This morning we leave for Smithers and on our way we make some stops. We leave the hotel around 8am and drive to the highway. At Fraser Lake, next to the road we suddenly see a moose. The animal is very nice as it allows us to take some pictures before running away. At Fraser Lake village we go for breakfast and drive on. Just before the village Endako we spot a bear with cub on the roadside, between the bushes. We did not manage to take a good picture of it but our list of spotted bears keeps growing. Further on we stop at the parking of Bulkley Valley for a pit stop. We have to admit that all restrooms on the road are very clean and all have toilet paper and hand soap. Great!
On the parking there is a notice board with the entire story of the Hungry Hill Grizzlies, which they call the Phantom Grizzly Bear, as it has not been caught in four years time. The bear was a nightmare for the local cattle farms. Finally they managed to kill the Phantom Bear, it weighed 460 kg!

In the early afternoon we arrive in Smithers so we drive on to the Twin Falls. LuSo stays in the car and we walk to the waterfalls. Again we are annoyed by the mosquitos. Once we reach the waterfalls we hear the thunder in a far distance getting closer and it becomes somewhat darker so we decide to walk back to the car as we do not want to be in the mountains with this thunderstorm. On our way we stop at Lake Kathlyn for some pictures. Once back in the town we notice that the thunderstorm did not reach us and we check in at our hotel. Afterwards we go in the neighborhood and drive to the main street where we walk around. Then we take the car and drive around to Babine Mountains Provincial Park and after a small hour we are back at the hotel. We cross the street and go to the supermarket to get some stuff. We have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant which seems to be a good idea as it is very good, especially the desert… chocolate suicide! The name said it all… this desert is so big that the four of us did not manage to finish it. It were two huge pieces of chocolate cake with ice, cherries and cream, just delicious! After dinner we walk around the hotel to have the suicide digested and then go to bed.

Daytrip approx. 436 km

A moose on the side of the road A moose on the side of the road Twin Falls Lake Kathlyn Main Street in Smithers