Padinago's trip to Canada in 2009

Day 11 - From Smithers to Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Today we leave around 8.45am for Prince Rupert. The harbor city where the next day we will take the boat through the Inside Passage. We drive passed Moricetown Canyon and see some painters drawing Indian designs on a column in front of a house. Lucien asks them if he can enter the house to take some pictures and they do not mind. These guys tell us they saw a moose here yesterday. We continue and arrive at Skeena River where we take some nice pictures.
The road to Prince Rupert is really beautiful and we stop many times to enjoy this. Finally, after some minor days we are back into an amazing region. Just before the exit to Prince Rupert we stop to enjoy the nice view on Hecate Strait. There, all the way down in the woods we see a car wreck full of bullet wholes. What was the story here?
Before driving to Prince Rupert we go to the left to Port Edward but that was not really much. Just a very nice campground’s name: Kinnikinnick campground. So we cross the bridge to the Kaien Island where Prince Rupert is located in the north. Just before entering the village there is a parking lot from where you can walk to the Butze Rapids. Patrick wants to see this but on the parking lot there is a sign warning hikers: wolves are known to frequent this area. They usually avoid people but have attacked dogs… A bit further Patrick hears something in the woods so runs back and jumps in the car and drives on.
Once arriving in Prince Rupert we go for a quick lunch, as it is already 3.15pm. There is a lot of traffic in these small streets and it takes some time before we can leave. As tomorrow we will have to get up very early for the Inside Passage, we decide to discover now how long we will have to drive to the ferry terminal. We are lucky, only 6 minutes from our hotel. We go back to the hotel and check in around 3.50pm. It is a very nice and fancy hotel just next to the harbor and in the entrance of the hotel a huge stuffed bald eagle. Our rooms are great with an amazing view of the harbor.

Around 4.15pm we decide to discover the harbor as the city was not really great. Lucien goes to the Indian museum close to the hotel and the three of us walk around at the harbor. It is a nice park with a great view of a huge cruise ship. Suddenly Nathalie sees what she has waited for the whole trip, a man in the typical cloths of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police but without the black horse. He is happy to have himself photographed by the tourists and also with Nathalie. We walk on in the harbor and see bald and golden eagles flying above us. They land in the trees next to the water. Now we see them very close and Patrick is sad he left his camera at the hotel. We decide to return to the hotel where Lucien is waiting. We have a shower and go for a walk before dinner. This time we take our D300 with us. We walk straight to that tree with the eagles and Patrick takes lots of pictures while Nathalie and LuSo are talking with an American sheriff who is here with his family. We go for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, the Waterfront Restaurant, where the food is very good and we enjoy it! On the restaurant’s terrace we see a feeding pole for eagles but it is too early in the season to use it but on the tree next to the restaurant we see a bald eagle which we can very well take pictures of. This is a paradise for photographing eagles. After dinner LuSo goes to bed but we decide to go for a short walk and enjoy the sunset. It is a beautiful evening that we enjoy as well as each other’s company…

Daytrip approx. 375 km

Moricetown Canyon Indian drawings on a new house Skeena River Waterfall from Castle Mountain The Fire Museum in Prince Rupert Finally a Royal Canadian Mounted Police for a picture! Prince Rupert Hello baldie...