Padinago's trip to Canada in 2009

Day 9 - From 108 Mile House to Prince George, British Columbia

Today we have breakfast at the hotel’s golf club where unfortunately we get cold coffee and cold pancakes. After two attempts to get something hot we give it up. Around 9am we leave for Prince George. It is quite a boring day. We drive 350 km without anything worth mentioning. We just have to do this to continue our trip. Just passed Williams Lake we take the exit and try to drive next to the Fraser River but without any success. We drive back and keep on following the main road. On our way we visit a small Indian village called Xatsull Heritage Village, in Soda Creek Indian Reserve 1 where there are some tipis and other stuff. About halfway we see some “modern” Indians being lazy. Patrick gets out to inform. You have to pay to get a guide who will, in a couple of hours, tell you all about the history of this tribe. As we do not have time and we probably are not in the mood, we start bargaining in order to take some pictures. It is a success as we are allowed to enter for free but we are joined by some older Indians to check if we are not doing anything wrong. Nice to stretch our legs for a while and enjoy the sun. Sofie starts talking with one of the Indians… hopefully he does not ask to buy her for some bearskins… After about 15 minutes we say goodbye to him and leave. About 80 km further we pass through Quesnel and decide to have a drink somewhere. We park our car at the Heritage Corner where the “Old Fraser River Bridge” is still hanging. We also see some remains of the first riverboat, the “S.S. Enterprise” and a copy of a “Cornish Water Wheel”. We walk on and have a drink at Granville’s Coffee. When we walk back to the car we see that the hydrants here are all nicely painted. Around 3.30pm we arrive in Prince George and are somewhat disappointed. We check in at our hotel, probably the oldest of the entire trip, and leave our luggage there and go to visit the Pine Centre Mall. We stay there about 45 minutes and as we did not really like it, we leave again. We walk around in Prince George but it seems lots of strange people are hanging around here and we do not feel very safe… we decide to have an early dinner at the hotel and go to bed early. The food was also a bit disappointing. If you do not have to be here you better skip this place. We only stayed here as the distance to our next overnight, Smithers, is too long.

Daytrip approx. 349 km

Xatsull Heritage Village Xatsull Heritage Village The Replica of a Cornish Water Wheel First bridge across the Fraser River. Build in 1928 and used from 1929 until 1970