Padinago's trip to Canada in 2009

Day 8 - From Clearwater to 108 Mile House, British Columbia

The next days are in fact just stopovers to get to Prince Rupert where we will take the boat to Vancouver Island. Today we will drive to 100 Mile House. This route will be extended, as we will otherwise be there in about two hours. Again we pass beautiful waterfalls deep in the woods and yes, again lots of mosquitos. Around 7.45am we have a nice breakfast at Kristian & Monika Liebmann of the Flour Meadow Bakery & Café just across the street. After our breakfast we return to our hotel to check out, it is now already 9am. About ten minutes after we left Clearwater, Nathalie spotted something next to the road. Patrick makes a u-turn and we definitely see something move in the woods and the grass. The three of us jump out of the car, stand next to each other with our weapons, our camera’s, in our hands. It takes a while and Patrick is getting impatient and makes some noise. Suddenly we see what it is. It is a bear, which due to Patrick’s noise, stands up on his hind legs with his breakfast – grass - in his mouth. He looks straight at us. Our cameras are shooting lots of pictures, 4 to 6 per second. Then the bear goes to the right and disappears in the high grass. As we do not see if he runs away or comes in our direction, as he might prefer some meat on his menu, we jump back into the car and leave. Better safe than sorry…
In Little Fort we take the exit to Little Fort Hwy which will bring us to 100 Mile House but at Bridge Lake we take an exit and drive to Mahood Lake which runs into Wells Gray Provincial Park. We arrive at Lac des Roches, a very nice lake and have a quick chat with some people standing at the viewpoint and taking pictures. One of these men has a beautiful Harley-Davidson RoadKing with the words “Live to ride, Ride to live” on it. He was just retired and got himself this bike for 35000 CAD (did he pay too much???) to drive through Canada. This must be great. When we leave we see at Little Lac des Roches some Bald Eagles flying above us. Patrick tries to take pictures but his 200mm lens is just too short and it has no use to put his 2xTeleconverter in a hurry on the camera. Hathaway Lake is too nice not to visit it so we take pictures.

An hour later, just passed Canim and Mahood Falls, we arrive at Mahood Lake where we have lunch. Then we continue and park our car on the parking. Before walking to the waterfalls we check if we have all our stuff in order to cover as much skin as possible because of the mosquitos. We took a picture of us and we just look like a gang planning to rob a stagecoach. First we see the Mahood Falls and then we walk to the Canim Falls. They are beautiful but as expected it is full of mosquitos. Again, while taking pictures our hands and camera’s are covered by them! Only Lucien seems not to have too much problems with them. We drive back and take the road passing next to Canim Lake. On our way, across the bridge over Buffalo Creek we see a very nice horse. Maybe it escaped from his meadow… A bit later we arrive in 108 Mile Ranch and check in at the 108 Mile Resort. We suddenly notice that Patrick has an allergic reaction to some kind of mosquito bite as his hand is swollen. We decide to go to the local supermarket to find some products. The people at the 108 Mile Supermarket are so nice and helpful and within 5 minutes customers and personnel of the store are helping to find some product or medication for us. As they do not have the necessary medication they advice us to drive to 100 Mile Post as they have a Pharmacy over there.  Finally we get some strong medication (antihistamine, allergy formula 25mg) but they advice us to go to the hospital in 100 Mile House. Patrick needs to take 2 pills already and feels immediately ‘high’. Nathalie takes over and drives on. She will drive for the next two days until Patrick is feeling better and can stop with the medication. We follow the advice from the pharmacist and our GPS brings us straight to the hospital. There the first question we get is: “where are you from?” As we are foreigners we have to pay 680 CAD in advance before getting to see a doctor. By coincidence there is a doctor at the reception desk who just finished working at the walk-in clinic just around the corner. She has a quick look at Patrick’s hand and for free. She tells us he will survive and has to take his medication for 3 days. If it is not better tomorrow morning we have to come to her at the walk-in clinic where it would only cost 65 CAD and she would then help us. It was probably a bite of a black fly, a “no-see” as they call it because it is so small (about 3mm). We are reassured and drive back to the hotel. It is a nice hotel with a huge domain and golf field around it, which they were still working on to finish it. We decide to go to the golf club at the hotel for dinner and we really are ‘in the middle of nowhere’. After dinner we have a drink at the bar before going to bed. We start talking with 3 fire fighters and they tell us about the fires we saw on our way. It were very nice guys and they also told us that there are fires around here, some of them might even have been started by tourists.

Daytrip approx. 276 km

A bear near Yellowhead Hwy Lac des Roches Lac des Roches Bald eagle Hathaway Lake Picknick at Mahood Lake Mosquitoproof? Mahood Falls Canim Falls Canim Falls What a black fly can do...