Padinago's trip to Canada in 2009

Day 7 - From Jasper to Clearwater, British Columbia

Around 8.30am we check out and leave beautiful Alberta as the rest of the trip we will be in British Columbia. On our way we see something on the roadside and make a u-turn. There on top of the shoulder we see a mother bear with a cub. We need to climb a bit and it is hard to get pictures but we manage. Behind us another car stops with two nice ladies who were curious of what we saw.  A bit later we reach the continental border dividing Alberta and British Columbia and this is also the border between Jasper NP and Mount Robson Provincial Park. We adjust all our watches (one hour back). Somewhat further we see on our left side some smoke and a fire engine to extinguish the fire. It seems these fires are already burning for a few days as the day before yesterday we saw that helicopter. Furtheron we take pictures from Portal Lake, Yellowhead Lake and Moose Lake. We stop at the parking place of the Overlander Falls but for an unknown reason we did not walk to the falls... We drive on and a bit later the impressive Mount Robson appears which is 3954m and the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies.  From the parking lot of Mount Robson Viewpoint we take lots of amazing pictures, as it is a beautiful and recognizable mountain. Lucien goes for fresh coffee, hot chocolates and for Patrick a huge bag of pretzels (from the coffee shop there) and we enjoy this impressive view.

We go for a quick visit to the Mount Robson gift shop and drive to the Robson River before we continue our journey. Once we are back on the main road we leave Mount Robson PP. We stop at several places to enjoy the environment. When we drive on we arrive at the viewpoint where we can see the Pyramid Falls. In the afternoon we get a bit hungry and look for a picnic place. We find one at the Thompson River just before McMurphy. Afterwards we drive through Clearwater and pass the exit to our hotel. We decide, even though it is just after noon, to go to the hotel. Maybe our rooms are ready and we can leave our luggage there. We return and take the exit. We arrive at our hotel, the Clearwater Lodge that appears to be an entire new hotel with nice lodges with kitchen and everything. Indeed, our rooms are ready and half an hour later we leave again and drive to Wells Gray Provincial Park. It is strange, the left and right side of the road is part of the park but the road itself does not belong to the park. The ‘real’ entrance to the park is about 26 km further on. We arrive at the first waterfalls, the Spahats Falls. There we have to deal with lots of mosquitos! These are the first hot days of the year so mosquitos start to look for victims and seem to like us. When we stand still just a few seconds to take a picture we suddenly notice that our hands and cameras are covered with mosquitos! We drive on to the Dawson Falls and cross a bridge over the Murtle River Mush Bowl to go to the famous Helmcken Falls. Beautiful but also full of mosquitos and they are very aggressive. We drive on to Clearwater Lake. This is a lake for water sports and we did not have to drive so far as there are nicer places in the region. We drive back and stop at Shadow Lake to take some nice pictures. About an hour later we arrive at our hotel. After taking care of our mosquito bites we go for dinner next doors at the Gateway Grill, which belongs to the hotel. There we had the best steaks ever! A real must! Afterwards we go for a short walk and then to bed.

Daytrip approx. 480 km

Mount Robson Provincial Park Lucerne Moose Lake Moose Lake Mount Robson Robson River Pyramid Falls Spahats Falls Bridge at the Mush Bowl on Murtle River Dawson Falls Helmcken Falls Helmcken Falls Fighting mosquitos in Clearwater