Padinago's trip to the USA in 2008

Day 9 - Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton NP

Today we drive to the West Entrance of Yellowstone.

After a few stops we see a moose in a distance… this makes you silent… We also get to see a nest of a Bald Eagle where a ranger is watching everybody.

We drive towards the Fountain Paint Pot with breathtaking colors. Everywhere in Yellowstone you have to drive slowly because of the crossing animals but unfortunately not everyone respects this which causes some victims amongst the animals…

We drive to the Old Faithfull where we sit on a bench under the beautiful sun and await for him to spout. In the meantime the public gets, at different places, a free explanation from a ranger about the geysers and Yellowstone.

After the eruption of the Old Faithfull we drive ahead and go for a picnic at a lake surrounded by mountains with a breathtaking view. There we decide to drive ahead towards Grand Teton National Park.
This was not planned but we want to try it and it seems to be a good idea as it is amazingly beautiful! We park our car somewhere and just go for a walk towards a lake and once we walk out of the forest we get a fantastic view of the entire snow-covered mountaintops of Grand Teton!

After a short walk we drive back to Yellowstone and on our way we stop a few times, we get to see a coyote and a guinea pig. The coyote is just walking about 3 meters from us across the road… fantastic to see the animals in their environment!

By the time it gets dark we reach our hotel, have a nice dinner and go to sleep early.

Daytrip approx. 285 km

Our first bald eagle from far away Grand Prismatic Spring Moose Falls Our first moose Grand Teton NP Colter Bay Awesome, our first coyote, walking about 2m from us Yellowstone West, Montana