Padinago's trip to the USA in 2008

Day 10 - From Yellowstone West to Salt Lake City, UT

Today we go to Salt Lake City, from now on we get very hot temperatures…

Unfortunately it is Sunday and because of the Mormon community everything is closed. We visit the Mormon neighbourhood being the park with the cathedral and the official buildings.

We enjoy a demonstration of their gigantic organ which is really great. Afterwards we look for a place to have a cold drink, it takes us hours and with 35°C it gets very urgent to be refreshed.

Our quest takes us outside the city at the “Salt Lake” where we end at a little shop where they are so friendly to offer us refreshing drinks. They start making some phone calls in order to find an address for us to get something to eat. This is again a proof of the hospitality of the Americans.

We head back to the center and find the restaurant they advised us and where we finally can get something to eat. By now it is already about 40°C which is extremely hot. Here in Salt Lake City it is the first time during our trip that we see quite some homeless people. Everything in the Mormon community is very nice and clean but outside you see the ‘real life’…

As everything is closed here we decide to go to bed very early so we can leave at 4am the next day.

Daytrip approx. 284 km

Idaho Falls, Idaho Salt Lake City, Utah Mormon Tabernacle Choir Overviewing the Salt Lake