Padinago's trip to the USA in 2008

Day 8 - From Cody to Yellowstone West, MT

Today we have to leave this very nice town and drive toward the long expected Yellowstone. We are very curious as the week before it has snowed a lot there…
We drive until Cody Dam to have a quick look. The wind is so strong, it gets difficult to stand still and take pictures.

Afterwards we continue and drive through beautiful sceneries, mountains, valleys… a.o. the Shoshone National Forest where we constantly see signs to warn people for the bears! We stop next to a beautiful little river and go for a walk. I must admit I am a little bit scared because of the bears. We immediately see a carcass of an animal…

We drive ahead and after a few hours we reach the sign “Yellowstone National Park”!!! The weather is fantastic, we have all the time temperatures of around 20°C and a blue sky, this is a real slice of luck!
We enter the park and are immediately impressed by its beauty. Many places are still covered with snow but this makes it beautiful in combination with the blue sky. We see our first bizons, deer, eagles…
We drive ahead to the first geysers and go for a beautiful and easy hike, it is beautiful but because of the sulfur we do have at certain points a very bad smell around us!

We drive along an amazing waterfall and see our first elk which lies in the grass. There are park rangers everywhere to keep an eye on the tourists so they do not disturb the animals which is a sign that they really care about their nature.

After a short drive we reach the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, a huge valley with a very large waterfall. Looking at this beauty we get silent and you almost have to brush away a little tear because of the amazing beauty of this nature…

We drive further and in the entire park you constantly have to be carefull for wild animals next to the roads or animals crossing the roads. We are surrounded by bizons, sometimes we just have to wait as a herd of bizons is walking on the road… fantastic. At a certain point we also see a bear! We noticed him as there were some people along the road and getting out of their cars so this means there is something special overthere! Also there we see a ranger checking that everybody keeps a safe distance from the bear and we are able to take some beautiful pictures.

We drive ahead towards the East Entrance to see the colored geysers and stair formation. Everything in Yellowston is just amazing, every time you think you saw the most beautiful thing but then you see something else surpassing this. This must be the most beautiful place on earth!

Daytrip approx. 592 km

Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Upper Falls Our first buffalo Our first bear in the wild! Mammoth Hot Springs