Padinago's trip to the USA in 2008

Day 7 - From Sheridan to Cody, WY

Today we leave for Cody, for me this is very exciting as I finally will have the chance to see a rodeo!
First we need to defy the Bighorn National Forest… as we drive deeper into the mountains it gets colder and we get more and more snow! At a certain point it is so bad so we decide not to take a little road which we planned as we are afraid of not being able to get back because of the huge amount of snow. Furthermore, at our side of the road the snow has not been cleared and we decide, as long as we can, to drive on the other side of the road as there the snow has been cleared. We are almost the only ones on the road so this is not a problem. It is a very thrilling ride but beautiful. Both of us are very quiet in the car so Patrick can concentrate as we are not really at ease. After a few hours we finally are over the mountain top and we are relieved. After a few stops we reach sunny Cody. We check in at our hotel and go for a walk through the town. It is a very nice and famous cowboy-town and every evening during the summer there is a rodeo.

We go for some shopping and inform about the rodeo, people advise us to dress very warm as the rodeo is down in the valley and it gets very cold there. We decide to buy Carhartts (warm cowboy coats) and thick gloves. This seems to be a very good idea as it got extremely cold during the rodeo.

We go ahead discovering this town, Patrick decides to buy a real cowboy-hat which suits him very well! After a good meal at Granny’s we leave for the rodeo. Apparently the locals are very well prepared for the cold temperatures as many of them brought duvets to the rodeo… It is really damn cold! We were cold during the entire rodeo but it was really worth to experience this.

After the show, we drive back to the hotel, take a hot shower in order to get back to a normal temperature and go to sleep.

Daytrip approx. 268 km

Big Horn National Forest, Wyoming Oh baby, it's cold outside... Buffalo Patrick Cody Nite Rodeo