Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 23 - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Today we have breakfast at Cora’s. When you are in Halifax you must try Cora’s!

On our program today is the port town Lunenburg (a historic town designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 and the historic core of the town is also a National Historic Site of Canada). But first we drive to Blue Rocks, well-known from pictures from photographers around 1940. It is indeed a beautiful location where one can start dreaming…

Then we drive on to Lunenburg, and today the weather gods are favorably disposed! We park our car in front of the dry-docks and walk towards the town.

We arrive at the ‘Blue Dream Project’ where they are building a 60 foot wooden schooner that will serve as an ambassador of the seas and the life within them.

We walk on and pass the beautiful houses in bright colors, it is amazing here! By now it is already noon and we start getting hungry… We see the restaurant The Dockside with a nice balcony in the sun where there are some tables available and we decide to enjoy this nice weather by sitting outside. It becomes very soon ‘too’ hot but we undergo this as we had to miss the sun for too long.

After a little chat with a nice American couple at the table next to ours and a great lunch we go for another walk and about an hour later we drive on towards Kejimkujik National Park. On our way we notice that we will not have enough time to get there and decide to drive back and stop at several places along the coast.

Our first stop is Fort Point Lighthouse between Bristol and Liverpool (Nova Scotia!). There Patrick takes some pictures of a gull on a rock in the Mersey River when he suddenly notices something odd… he takes a closer look at his pictures and zooms in. Yes, his eagle eye spotted a beluga in the Liverpool Harbour! Afterwards we here that it was a young male beluga. When a couple of months later we google the beluga it seems he became a real touristic attraction!

We drive to our next stop which is Mahone Bay. We walk around and visit some nice local shops. A bit later we pass a beautiful little house and want to take pictures. The tenant comes out of the house and has a chat with us, a very nice older lady who invites us to come in and have a look. Wauw, so friendly! Inside there are some of her lady friends and we are introduced and apparently they are there for a short holiday to see the annual military tattoo for Canada Day. These are the real golden girls! After a while we say goodbye…

Around 6.30pm we arrive at our hotel and get ready for dinner at the Five Fishermen. Of course Nathalie has again the fabulous lobster and Patrick takes just a spaghetti with pieces of… lobster meat! ;-)

Daytrip approx. 357 km

Blue Rocks Lunenburg harbour The 'Blue Dream Project' The 'Blue Dream Project' Lunenburg Lunenburg Lunenburg Lunenburg Lunenburg Lunenburg Lunenburg Harbour Lunenburg Harbour Bluenose II @ Lunenburg Harbour Lunch @ The Dockside restaurant Upper right corner; the beluga Fort Point Lighthouse Mahone Bay Mahone Bay One of the very nice Golden Girls... Dinner @ The Five Fishermen restaurant