Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 10 - Driving to St. John's, Newfoundland

This morning we have again our breakfast at Mistic Restaurant and then we check out. The weather is quite bad so we decide to change our plans. We will try to see Bonavista on our way back and we will only stop at Salvage, where, according to the iceberg-tracking, we should be able to see lots of icebergs from the shore.

The little village of Salvage is very picturesque and has indeed quite some icebergs behind it.

We drive back and make a short stop at Sandy Cove before we drive to St. John’s.

There is only one main road from Port aux Basques to St. John’s and that’s the one we have to follow. Everywhere, next to the road you see big signs warning for possible collisions with moose. There is even a meter indicating how many collisions there were last year and it is indicating way over 600! Suddenly we get heavy fog and can hardly see 50m in front of us. This goes on for about 45 minutes. These were the most silent 45 minutes of the entire holidays but fortunately no moose or other obstacles…

Once we arrive in St. John's it is really bad weather and we decide to drive to Avalon Mall for some shopping and around 6pm we check in at our hotel.

We ask the lady at the front desk if they have a laundry service so we can get some shirts washed but unfortunately they don’t. But, she insists that we give her the shirts and she will wash and dry (not iron) them for us and we will have them back the next day… what?! As we do not have another solution we accept her very nice offer. What a friendly lady! We have to say that our experience with Newfoundland is that people are extremely friendly and helpfull!

After a good shower we walk around and look for the Keg Restaurant. The Keg is famous all over Canada and they have very good food. We find it but it is full, also for tomorrow. We only have a few other options which we try. We go to Saltwater but this is also full. Our last option is the Reluctant Chef but also full (both restaurants we saw on TV at home just a few weeks before the trip and they got good reviews)… It is Friday evening and apparently everybody in St John’s goes out for dinner! We decide to walk back to the hotel and have dinner there. On our way back we cross the Canadian couple who stayed together with us at the B&B a couple of days earlier. What a small world, euh… Newfoundland is small. ;-) We have a nice talk. They give us the address of a good restaurant, Gypsy Tea Room, but for today we are tired and will get something at the hotel’s restaurant.

We walk back in the rain and at the hotel’s restaurant there are fortunately still some tables available so we have a look at the menu and order…. lobster! In the end we had a great dinner!

Daytrip approx. 401 km

The Gambo River, Newfoundland More icebergs at Wild Cove near Salvage, Newfoundland Wild Cove near Salvage, Newfoundland Near Sailors Harbour, Newfoundland Nice couple... Sailors Harbour near Salvage, Newfoundland Sailors Harbour near Salvage, Newfoundland Sailors Harbour near Salvage, Newfoundland Sailors Harbour near Salvage, Newfoundland Sailors Harbour near Salvage, Newfoundland Sandy Cove, Newfoundland Sandy Cove, Newfoundland Sandy Cove, Newfoundland Between Happy Adventure and Sandy Cove, Newfoundland No need to comment...