Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 09 - Twillingate (Boattrip), Newfoundland

We have an early breakfast at Mistic Restaurant and then we leave for Twillingate for our appointment.

Once we arrive there, the Iceberg Shop is not difficult to find. We get our tickets first (we did book them already through the internet at home) and inform at what time we have to be here for the boat. We have till 12 noon so untill then we take our time to discover Twillingate and drive around. We ask them where we can have something small to eat as we will be on the boat around lunch time and for a few hours and they send us to the ‘Cozy Tea Room & Bakery’ on Main Street.

We drive to Long Point lighthouse at the most northern part of Twillingate and walk around a bit. From there we can see far away some icebergs. It is a beautiful sunny day.

We drive back down and look for the ‘Cozy Tea Room & Bakery’. It is really cozy! It is owned by two elderly sisters and they bake all their pies themselves. We have rhubarb pie and coffee. After one bite it becomes clear to us that this pie is amazing! We look at each other and we each order a second piece. Yummy! We talk with some locals, there is an older man sitting their who apparently loves to talk to Nathalie, he is impressed that we came all the way from Belgium to visit their island, he goes to his car to get a brochure of some restaurant where they have fantastic lobster but this is too far for us. What a friendly guy! Then we drive back to the Iceberg Shop.

We put on as many layers of clothes as we can as it will be cold on the boat and go at the back side of the shop where the small boat with captain Cecil is getting ready. Once we are all there (about 10 persons) we get some information from Cecil about icebergs and he even has a piece of ‘teaching’ material with him. All icebergs here come from the glaciers from Greenland. So it is crumbled land ice. He informs where we all are from and also Cecil is impressed we came all the way from Belgium. The others are from Canada, USA and UK. Before we leave Cecil puts the piece of iceberg back in his freezer.

On the boat we get a lot of information about the icebergs and the local inhabitants. Once we get closer to the iceberg we go to the small top deck next to Cecil and there we have a better view for pictures. We navigate around two huge icebergs and Cecil gives us enough time to enjoy it. We take lots of pictures and certainly one with another boat in front of it so one can see the size of the iceberg. What an amazing experience!

Then Cecil navigates along the shore where we see a humpback whale and a bald eagle’s nest.

It has been a fantastic day and we are so happy we could admire them from so close.

Around 5pm we are back at the hotel and get ready for a nice dinner at Mistic Restaurant. We are all excited about what we experienced today and are happy to share this with our new friend. We have again a great dinner with a nice bottle of wine from California…

Daytrip approx. 250 km

A view on Iceberg Quest Bout Tours Cozy Tea Room & Bakery on Main St. in Twillingate, Newfoundland Captain Cecil shows us a piece of iceberg He is educating us about Twillingate and their icebergs On to the iceberg alley! Beautiful isn't it (the icberg I mean)? Ice, ice, baby... Greenland ice, ice, baby.... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I'm enjoying this! ... ... ... ... Nathalie is enjoying this too! Long Point Lighthouse on top ... ... A humpback whale! Show us your tail please... Thank you!!! A Bald Eagle's nest Daddy on the lookout Back in Twillingate, Newfoundland