Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 07 - Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

This morning we walk just next to the hotel, to Fisherman’s Landing to have our breakfast, very nice. Afterwards we drive along the coast up to Port au Choix.

We are not lucky today with the weather. It looks like it will rain the entire day…

Our first stop is at Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse. We take some pictures but do not get out of the car as it is pouring!

A bit further at the right side of the road we see about 3 caribous. That is fun as we never saw them in the wild until now.

Next stop is Cow Head, but this looks more abandoned then inhabited. We drive on to Arches Provincial Park where the rocks in the sea form beautiful arches. We do not stay very long as it is still raining.

Actually we are already at the last point of our tour for today which fell through due to the bad weather. It is hardly 11am so we decide to drive on to Port au Choix and hope the weather will get better. Except for some cars driving in the village there is nothing to see. We still do not get out of the car because it is raining even harder now. Suddenly Nathalie sees a moose in a backyard. We turn back and stop at a better spot to take pictures of the moose. For us this is something unbelievable, here it is normal routine. We are very happy about this. The inhabitants pass the moose and honk there horns because they try to chase the moose back to the woods…

We drive on to the port but today it is hopeless, it does not stop raining. It is just 1pm but we decide to drive back to the hotel.

On our way back we see another moose next to the road but he is scared and runs back into the woods, but just only after it posed for our pictures.

Around 4pm we are back at our hotel and have a hot drink at the bar. We take a warm shower and go back to the hotel’s restaurant for another great lobster dinner.

Afterwards we have a drink at the bar and tonight there is a performance from a local singer. This is great, especially the Newfoundland dialect…

Daytrip approx. 352 km

Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse Our first caribou in the wild! Our first caribou in the wild! Beautiful trash bin Near Cow Head Near Cow Head Arches Provincial Park Moose in a backyard in Port au Choix The same moose in Port au Choix Port au Choix Port au Choix Moose near the road To make a rainy day, a good day...