Padinago's trip to Canada in 2015

Day 01 - Arrival in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Around 6.15am our taxi picks us up and we drive to Brussels airport, Zaventem.

Once we arrive we turn on our new Trakdots and put them in our luggage. Let’s hope this works.

The check-in goes smoothly and a bit later we are at gate B6 where there are almost no seats and the few seats they have are all taken by people sleeping…

We board on time and it is a nice flight. Again, the Air Canada staff is very friendly and the food was quite good.

Around 12.20 noon local time we arrive in Montreal. Our Trakdots seem to work as we receive a text message that our luggages are in the surroundings of Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) (fortunately!). We pass customs and pick up our luggage which we drop of a bit later for our next flight to Halifax and go back through security. Once we reach our gate we have a bit more than one hour for our 2.45pm flight. Boarding goes smoothly and a bit later we land in Halifax. Also here our Trakdots indicate that our luggage has arrived.

We pick up the luggage and go to the Alamo desk for our rental car. Everything goes well and luckily for us no repetition of last year’s adventure! Here in Halifax they had no SUV’s so we had to book a 7-seats minivan although we see some SUV’s on the parking lot so we inform about it. Well, since a couple of weeks they do have SUV’s available and they even had one put aside for us. Great! We drive again a Ford Explorer but a new one from 2015. A beautiful car! Let’s hope it all goes well.

We use our TomTom-app on our iPhone to bring us to our hotel and we check in. Nice big rooms and friendly staff. We decide to have a quick shower, change and have some dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. Scallops with a bottle of Zinfandel. It was ver nice but it took very long before we got our food.

After dinner we go to our rooms and we fall asleep as soon as we touch the pillows… “The trip has finally started….”

Daytrip approx. 40 km

Finally back in Canada! ;-) Our brand new rental car a 'Ford Explorer 2015'