Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 22 - From Salt Lake City to... Belgium

Around 7am we are packed and at the lobby. The valet gets our car, we check out and drive to the airport.

We follow the road to bring the rental car back to Avis and by the time that we reach them, the dashboard computer mentions "45miles until empty", so this is perfectly calculated. We get some papers and they asked us to go to the booth where they will give us our invoice.

At the booth they are very friendly and helpfull. They notice that there has been 'some' problems with our file and say that their people in Albuquerque (to use their quote) "fucked up!"

They try everything to get it fixed but it is not working. They also want to charge us the 75$ for the empty fuel tank but we can easily rectify this. After waiting about 15 minutes we tell them that we do not want to be rude, but in Albuquerque they already tried all these things without any luck, and if this will take as long with them, we will miss our flight. "I got you" the man answers and asks our e-mail so he can send us the invoice later on. He already tells us that it should nog be more then the roadside insurance for approximately 52$. He writes this an a note and hands it over to us.

At the airport we print our vouchers and check in our luggage. The weight is perfect! Luckily! This time we do not need to get our luggage at JFK and check it back in. We pass security on a very strange way... There are no boxes to put your handluggage in, you have to push it yourself through the X-ray scanner. Maybe because it is a domestic flight?

We have a small breakfast at the airport and walk to our gate. We get on board for a flight to JFK of a bit more than 4 hours. The flight goes, except for a small turbulence, very smoothly.

Once we arrive at JFK we check the gate for our connecting flight. Apparently we do not need to undergo any Security check and after passing about 20 gates, we reach our gate.

After 45 minutes we board and fly home...

Daytrip approx. 16 km

We're flying home...