Padinago's trip to the USA in 2014

Day 21 - Driving to Salt Lake City, Utah

Our last breakfast buffet at the hotel and then we're checking out... Again this doesn't seem to be obvious as they could not find our pre-paid vouchers and wanted to charge our credit card again with the full amount! The manager is in a meeting and could not be disturbed (what?!). Fortunately, we always scan our documents before we leave and save them on all our mobile devices. So we mail it to them, they print it out and they tell us that now everything is fine and that we will not be charged so we leave.

(A few weeks later, when we were at home again, we cheked our creditcard and see that they did charged us again for the stay! We were furious! We contacted our travel agency and 2 day's later we received the refund from de hotel with an apology from the hotel manager... Nice try!)

And so we start our last and long trip, to Salt Lake City, full of frustrations.

On our way we stop a few times to stretch our legs and to change driver. We get just enough fuel so we can return the car as empty as possible!

When we drive on the highway around Salt Lake City, we wonder what is wrong. We are the only ones respecting the speed-limit (or just above it ;-)) but we are passed by others on each side, by small and big cars. Must be something local...

We arrive at the hotel and check in. We get our luggage out of the car and have to make sure we get everything as today we have to pack for our flight back home!

A valet parks our car and we start the misery of getting everything packed. We take a break as between 5pm and 6pm it is happy hour in the hotel's lobby and you get wine and small appetizers... Very nice and we enjoy it!

Around 7.30pm we walk to the Cheesecake Factory, which is just around the corner and opened just 2 years ago. It is raining a lot and we get an umbrella from the hotel's front desk (we don't want to take the car as we want to avoid parking problems). OMG, it is so busy here... We have a great shrimp scampi pasta and Nathalie wants to close the holidays with a last piece of her favourite ... key-lime cheesecake. Unfortunately we have to send this back as it was taken out of the freezer too late and it was still frozen. They do check for another piece but all pieces are still frozen. They do deduct it from our bill and wonder if Nathalie wants another piece offered on the house. Nice of them, but no thanks. We pay the bill and get back to the hotel. Luckily it stopped raining by now and we go to sleep immediately as we have to get up early tomorrow (at 6am, so we can not enjoy the breakfast as we need to return the car in time because we expect again trouble with Avis)!

Daytrip approx. 565 km

It's a long drive to Salt Lake City...