Padinago's trip to the USA in 2013

Day 15 - From El Portal to Three Rivers, California and Kings Canyon National Park

This morning we leave Yosemite and drive to Three Rivers. We avoid the highways and take the scenic routes and after a while we reach the crossing to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. As Kings Canyon is the farthest away from our next hotel we decide to do that already today.

Gigantic mountains, valleys, an amazing view! We walk around the 'Zumwalt Meadows', a beautiful hike but it is extremely hot here!

We then drive on the same road back to the crossing where our GPS tells us that the shortest way to our hotel is a drive around Sequoia National Park. We follow the GPS and drive towards Three Rivers where our next hotel is located. This is by far the most exhausting drive ever! Constantly very sharp curves, narrow roads (2-way drive where most of the time there is just enough space for one car) and driving downwards for 2 hours. Meantime the level of our fuel is almost in the red... Finally we reach the end of this terrible drive and see a gas station where we are relieved we can finally get some fuel!

We check in at our hotel and have a refreshing shower. Then we look for a place to have dinner... We thought Chester was the smallest place we have ever stayed in but we have to change our minds... this is the smallest village where we ever stayed and there is hardly nothing here! We see a Pizza Factory and a Mexican restaurant. We play on safe and go to the Pizza Factory. It is an Italian fastfood place where you get your food in an aluminium plate with plastic cutlery. But it tastes ok so that's fine!

Then we go straight to bed...

Daytrip approx. 428 km

@ Zumwalt Meadows @ Kings Canion National Park Lake Kaweah near Three Rivers