Padinago's trip to the USA in 2013

Day 8 - Lassen Volcanic National Park

Today we spend a whole day in Lassen Volcanic National Park, a beautiful park but no wildlife. We drive all the way through the park and at Lake Manzanita we hike for about 2 hrs around the Lake and Nathalie sees a Muskrat in the water but Patrick does not believe her and tells her it is a branch but when it's getting closer it is a Muskrat! We continue our walk around the lake and see a beaver, a woodpecker, a deer which is very close to us and lots of Steller Jays. What a beautiful place and so quiet...We enjoy the beautiful weather, the view of the lake and all the birds, this is a fantastic place.
We get back to the car and pass one of the lakes which we passed already earlier this morning when it was still frozen and now all the ice is is really hot now! We drive back to Chester and its Lake Almanor where we saw pelicans yesterday, they are still here but too far away. We see twice an osprey that dives and catches a fish but it was too far to take a picture and we were in the car... but what a luck to be able to see this!!! We also see a flock of Ibis flying above the mountains.
We drive back to the hotel and get ready for dinner at the Kopper Kettle Cafe. The choice is very limited as it is a very small town but here we take the home made hamburgers and they are really tasty. After dinner we decide not to walk around the town as there are lots of mosquitos so we go back to the hotel and go to sleep.

Daytrip approx. 187 km

@ Lassen Volcanic NP @ Emerald Lake @ Lake Helen A Muskrat in Manzanita Lake A Steller's Jay A woodpecker Kwaaaaak... Peeeeep... A small cone @ Lake Almanor near Chester A flock of Ibis