Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 4 - From Mont-Tremblant to Saint-Alexis-Des-Monts, Québec

Today we both woke up early and decide to drive around and hopefully we will be able to spot some animals. Yes, we see some deer, beautiful.

We try to find a place for breakfast in the village but we have no luck, everything is closed so we check already out of the hotel and will look for something on our way.

After a while we arrive in a very small village, enter the local pub and ask where we can have fuel and breakfast. The girl is not very easy to understand as she talks with that typical Canadian-French accent, she sends us to a diner called "St-ThéoDore" where we have a very nice breakfast. Apparently that place has just been renovated and is very clean.

Then, after getting some fuel, we drive on towards our next hotel at the Lac à l'Eau Claire. After driving the whole time on really bumpy roads our GPS suddenly says that we have reached our destination but we look at each other very questionably as there is nothing to see and we drive on.

Finally we arrive at a beautiful resort around the lake with the hotel's office in front of it. It is idyllic and so quiet here. We check-in. Our room is not ready yet and we will have to wait a few hours so we decide to visit the area.

We just drove 300 km on roads which remind us to Belgium after a long winter and drive first to a place with nice little waterfalls and then to a wildlife reserve. There we have to drive partially on gravel and sand. It seems that just yesterday a bear was seen here while it was crossing the road.

We also look for a suspension bridge that should be here somewhere but we do not find it. Except lots of mosquitos we do not see any animals and Patrick is happy to leave these roads.

We drive back to the hotel and our room is ready but first we immediately buy some mosquito repellant in the hotel's shop as it is full of those terrible insects here.

Then to our room, this is an amazing big room with a fantastic view on the lake and except for the birds you cannot hear any other sound. It is breathtaking!

After a shower we go to the hotel's restaurant where we booked a table earlier (which was advised to us, afterwards we wondered why we had to reserve in advance as there were only 4 tables taken) and have their specialty... a great fresh trout from the lake and from our table we had a beautiful view on the garden and lake.

During our dinner we are surprised by a hummingbird just in front of the window.

We inform about breakfast, normally this is served as from 7am but as the hotel is almost empty it is served now as from 8am, no problem for us. We go to bed for a good night's rest.

Daytrip approx. 376 km

At the lookout for breakfast... Finally! Darn mosquitos