Padinago's trip to Canada in 2012

Day 3 - From Montréal to Mont-Tremblant, Québec

Today we slept quite long, it is 7.30am when we wake up. We go back to Egg-Spectations for our breakfast and we have again a great meal.

When walking back to the hotel we see two condors flying around a building. Strange to see this in the middle of Montreal! Apparently they have a nest on that building.

We check out of the hotel around 10am in order to start our real "expedition" and drive to our next destination "Mont Tremblant".

When we arrive around 11.30am we first check where our lodge is and then drive around. On one of the small roads Nathalie sees our first wildlife, a small deer.

Finally, we drive to the town and take the free funicular 'Le Cabriolet' to Mont Tremblant's village. There you have to take another funicular, which you have to pay, to the summit. At the summit we have a great view and get something hot to drink as it is very cold up there. When we are back on our way down on the funicular Nathalie sees twice a deer beneath us on the slope.

Once we are back in the village and walk around we find that nice place called "La Savoie" where they have raclette and cheese fondue... We look at each other and know immediately where we will have dinner!

We drive back to the lodge and check-in. There we receive two free entry tickets for the funicular to go to the summit. If only we had known this in advance...

The lady at the front desk is very nice and a bit later we park our car in the underground parking of the hotel and go to our room which has a nice view on the village. Beautiful!

By then we already know a shortcut to the restaurant where the cheese fondue was delicious!

Daytrip approx. 191 km

Near the Casino de Mont-Tremblant @ The entrance The free Cabriolet to the village We go to the summit! The view @ the summit And back to the village Cheese fondue! The view from our hotel